Why Micro-Cutters Are Best For Little Cleaning And Reinstating

258_power_pipe_cutter_3c_1One of the many marvels in any home is the plumbing system. While many may think the plumbing system is basically composed of pipes bringing in water and distributing it around the many rooms, it’s much more than that. The one important part that many people forget is the sewer line. While it remains unseen below the ground, it helps to redirect waste water to the treatment plant. Many homes today are still fitted by sewer pipes from many years ago. They were made with clay, iron or concrete which means they are susceptible to normal wear and tear. Iron pipes do corrode and that is why you may find your home having leaks from time to time. You know this is not a great experience especially the smell that emanates from the waste water. Thanks to experienced plumbers, home owners can finally have their old pipes replaced and cleaned with micro cutters.

Why are micro-cutters the best for little cleaning and reinstating?

Interchangeable cleaning heads

Micro cutters are designed to clean and remove pipe debris, calcite and roots from pipes made from steel or cast-iron. To ensure that professionals get rid of the problem, the manufacturer has provided interchangeable cleaning heads. They are designed to rotate at over 2000 rpm and can negotiate up to 90 degrees in pipes that measure 2 inches in diameter. This is good news as professionals can be able to get rid of any problem they face. The interchangeable heads are built with high quality material which ensures that they are able to achieve the desired drain cleaning results in indianapolis, IN. Thanks to the interchangeable heads, professionals can finally restore the pipes to full operational capacity within a short time.

User friendly

Professionals do undergo training in internationally recognized institutions. This ensures they get to receive high quality training that imparts useful skills and knowledge. The one drawback that every professional has to face is the ever changing face of technology. Each day, new tools are made available which are designed to make work easier. It is quite expensive to send professionals back to training in order to learn every newly developed equipment. Manufacturers have ensured that operating their machinery is as simple as saying a…b…c. The micro-cutter is designed to be user friendly which ensures every professional is able to operate with ease.

Variable speed control

Variable speed control is a useful feature that helps to define the results one needs to achieve when it comes to pipe cleaning. Thanks to the user friendly interface of the micro-cutter, professionals can change the speed according to the depth, size and level of difficulty presented by the pipe cleaning problem at hand.
The variable speed control allows the professional to set the speed to the desired revolutions per minute (RPM). This ensures optimum cleaning improving the flow rate capacity of the pipe. This is great news for the home owner as he or she will get to deal with less embarrassment in form of smelling waste water flowing on the yard towards the street.

Easy to use controls

Micro-cutters are manufactured for small diameter pipe lining industry. They have invested in R&D finally coming up with innovative, non-destructive and non-invasive technologies which help to rehabilitate small diameter piping systems. As said earlier, micro-cutters have a useful feature in form of variable speed control. This is controlled by foot switches which allow the professional to vary the level of RPMs.

Final Thoughts

A micro-cutter comes with special interchangeable attachments which may include expandable carbide brazed fingers, chain saw links, cleaning and reinstating branch. Making the connections is a breeze which ensures a micro-cutter to be the only tool that is designed to properly clean and reinstate pipes fast and efficiently. The unit are designed to be light, easy to use and can negotiate corners of up to 90 degrees. If you are looking for an effective tool that is perfect for cleaning and reinstating pipes in commercial, industrial and high rise buildings, then the best choice is a micro-cutter.