Air Purifier Mask

Why Is Everyone Talking About Air Purifier Masks?

There are different masks out there, thanks to air pollution that has compromised the outdoor air quality. The recent viral pandemic is also one reason why we have seen many people wear masks to keep the virus at bay. However, lately, there are new and advanced realistic masks known as air purifier masks that have hit the market. They stand out among the various masks found in the market because they use air circulation to keep the wearer cool inside the mask. One of the popular brands is Koolmask and is readily available for sale.

How is an Air Purifier Mask Designed? 

A close look at Koolmask’s HEXA reveals that it has three essential parts. One of them is the fan housed in an outer shell where the filter is also fitted. It is possible to replace the filters making the mask long-lasting. Its 5-layer filter includes a PTFE nanolayer with a filtration rating of greater than 99% in viral & bacteria particle tests, making the mask suitable for protection against air pollution and allergens. Youtube videos are available showing how easily you can disinfect and clean the mask using a dishwasher. Pretty nifty. 

The most significant innovation is how airflow is consistent, which ensures that the wearer doesn’t feel suffocated. The air is allowed into the mask through the filtered walls of the mask where the fans are situated, purifying the air before being breathed in. The turbo fans allow up to 150 liters per minute and go into the mask’s interior where it’s purified.

Outstanding Features of Koolmask with HEXA

  • Twin turbofans that guarantee wearer an enhanced air supply 
  • Five layers, nano filter for ultra-protection 
  • The easy modular structure that allows easy cleaning
  • Sleek design  
  • Provides excellent seal while ensuring comfort ensuring the air you breathe is properly filtered.

Air Purifier Face Mask

How Does An Air Purifier Mask Help?

The fear of the latest global pandemic has seen people seek maximum protection against the deadly disease. In fact, the impact of global air pollution, in general, is severe and has caused thousands of deaths in the last six months worldwide. With more than 80% of families living in cities, exposure to air pollution exceeds safe limits. Air purifier masks such as HEXA are created to provide a solution and safety to people as they go about with their daily business.

The air purifier masks are new in the market but offer comprehensive protection. They remove pollutants and any harmful substances from the air while ensuring that the wearer remains cool and comfortable without overheating. Dust, smoke or most other irritants found in the air are filtered and won’t find their way to the lungs with these masks.

The masks are a solution for everyone, especially those who have to commute daily, athletes, motorists, and anyone working or commuting in hot areas or climates.

Who needs Air Purifier Masks?

The quality of outdoor air can get compromised. This is mostly caused by liquid and fine solid debris, which can be easily inhaled. While staying indoors can help, sometimes, one needs extra help like an air purifier mask even at home. Apart from coming handy for protection from air pollution, they are also useful to people dealing with allergens such as mold infestation and anyone with impaired lungs due to emphysema or asthma. They provide a superior seal ensuring better protection against allergens and polluted particles sneaking into your lungs.

How long does a Koolmask last?

The mask is made of a sturdy design. It is one of the most talked-about Face masks. The filters are replaceable but only last for up to 40 hours or seven days after they are opened. Since the filters are replaceable, the mask can last for years.

The mask has a high-quality and spacious case, which allows excellent storage of the mask when not in use. It has a place to keep the USB cable, extra filters and is padded to protect the mask


People are talking about air purifier masks because they have the most superior filtration qualities. They are adequate and those who have tried them can tell the huge difference between them and nano filter masks. The best thing is that they last longer and the user ends up saving in the long run while enjoying maximum protection.

However, it’s worth noting that they are noticeably heavier than a typical N95 or surgical mask. But the wearer can comfortably use one throughout the day and even when exercising. Since they are not yet widespread, it is normal to draw some stares when in public areas.

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