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Which Type of Genital Wart Removal Cream Option You Will Pursue?

What is the best genital wart removal cream for you? Clinical Strength Somxl® was created for sensitive skin areas.  We noticed a need in the market for a treatment that was gentle on the skin and would not burn or scar the surrounding healthy skin areas. As you know the genital area is very sensitive, it has up to 10 times more nerve cells than other areas of your body. To us that meant that any treatment being used in this area will need to be gentle yet still effective.

Unfortunately many other products on the market are focused on removing the warts only and not taking into account the sensitive nature of the area. They use acids and cryotherapy to attack the warts that also damage the surrounding skin leaving unsightly scars.

Trichloroacetic acid chemically burns the top layers of the wart off therefore removing the wart that way. It is a caustic substance causing the skin layers to peel off, including the healthy skin so be very careful when you apply to the genital warts. Trichloroacetic acid is well known as a skin peel in the cosmetic skin care industry, it is also known to be an option for lightening skin and moles.


Often those who use TCA have experienced pain or burning while they have applied the solution. It is recommended when using such a powerful solution that you discuss it with your Doctor or treatment advisers. In many cases people have damaged their surrounding skin leaving scarring.

Another option is Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy for genital warts is done using liquid nitrogen, the Doctor or nurse will apply it to the wart area only.  It cannot touch the surrounding skin or it will have same effect it will have on the wart and kill the healthy skin cells.

The temperature of the liquid nitrogen is at -196.  The extremely cold temperature freeze the wart cells from the top all the way through so that the wart is completely frozen.

The next stage is what will kill the wart. Ice crystals have been formed inside the cell walls which damage the cell, as the wart or warts begin to thaw that damage is exposed and the wart cell is compromised and then dies. The side effect of this is that this process will occur in any cell that is exposed to the very low temperatures not just the wart cells. This can also be a painful process as you can imagine.

Clinical Strength Somxl® understands that its not just about removing the warts, its about a restoring your body back to the way it was. This is why we created a Genital Wart Removal Cream that works on sensitive skin and does not burn or damage the healthy surrounding skin. Clinical Strength Somxl® can help you.