Right Trenchless Technology

Which is the Right Trenchless Technology For Your Pipes in Indianapolis , IN?

Underground water and sewer pipes are perhaps the most underappreciated out of all home and business elements. That is, until one day it becomes a noticeable problem. Property owners soon discover leaks whether from a sudden spike in water bills, foul odors or evident damage. When faced with line issues, consider a repair or replacement done via the modern trenchless way. Here’s to help you discover Which is the Right Trenchless Technology For Your Pipes in Indianapolis , IN.

Traditional Repair Method

Traditional ways had home and business owners inconvenienced, unnecessarily in many aspects. Primarily, you’d typically spend time on the phone trying to find a contractor, only to have them dig up your yard just to reveal the faulty pipes. There’s the operation of heavy machinery and unearthing of the grounds for weeks on end. More money and time were spent on restoration of the ruined gardens and landscape.

Trenchless Repair Methods

Trenchless sewer repair technology¬†has eliminated all these added problems and made the entire repair or replacement process easier for contractors and customers alike. Overall, trenchless methods are cleaner, cheaper, less destructive, and it’s a lot faster too! Your plumbing system can be up and running in less than a day or two, and as little as a few hours.

The two techniques, pipe lining and pipe bursting, are considered among the greenest water and sewer line repairs the world has ever known. Pipe restoration an eco-friendly solution that yields no waste for landfills nor does it generate carbon emissions during its manufacture.

Pipe Lining is gaining recognition it deserves across various states. Having your pipes re-lined benefits your Indianapolis , IN home or business place in many ways than one. Surrounding areas are kept intact with the creation of a single access hole to get to the pipe, and have a liner put in place to ultimately become the new pipe. Liners are suitable for all types of pipes, including PVC, clay and cast-ion, regardless of a piping system’s multiple angles and bends.

Pipe bursting would be the ideal course to take for pipes that have collapsed and a liner would not suffice. A bullet head leads the charge as new pipes are pulled along the affected pipes and old pipes are simultaneously burst apart with fragments crumbled into the surrounding soil. The new pipe trails right behind, perfectly aligned, to form the new replacement pipeline that connects to your water or sewer system.

A camera inspection is initially done using a high-end fiber optic equipment to pinpoint exactly where the trouble pipes are. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures both accuracy and efficiency. Expert and experienced trenchless technicians would provide an honest assessment and offer the best solution based on your unique situation. Either way, pipe lining or pipe bursting, the resulting seamless HDPE pipe won’t crack, being resistant to tree intrusion, corrosion and leaks. Your new pipe within a pipe or replacement system for the old one that’s been burst is bound to last a good number of decades of roughly about 50 years.