What We Need To Know About Die Cut Business Cards

What We Need To Know About Die Cut Business Cards

Wondering if custom die-cut business cards are right for you? Curious about the benefits of using a die-cut business card, or what the process is for making them? In this article, we’ll discuss everything that we should know about this unique type of business cards. Let’s get started.

What Is Die Cutting? Understanding The Process

Die-cutting is the process of using a special “die” to shear and cut a sheet of material such as paper, cardboard, rubber, cloth, plastics, and other such materials. A die is a special steel blade that has been formed into a particular shape. This blade is loaded into a high-powered “press.” 

Then, the material that is to be cut moves underneath the die and the press, which is pushed down into the material to cut it and create the desired shape. It can be used to create almost any shape, since each individual die is custom-made for the job. 

die cut

Understanding Die Cut Business Cards – Cut Any Shape You Can Imagine! 

As you may already have gathered, die-cut business cards are printed and then cut into a custom shape using a die cutting machine. Custom die-cut business cards can be cut into almost any shape you can imagine, providing you with tons of options for unique business cards.

For example, if you run a local beekeeping business, you could design a business card in the shape of a beehive, and have it die-cut to create a one-of-a-kind card that your customers are sure to remember. Or if you run a shop selling western footwear, you could cut your business card in the shape of a cowboy boot – the design opportunities are limitless.

The Benefits Of Die Cut Business Cards

Why choose die-cut business cards? While they are usually a bit more expensive than other types of business cards, investing in custom die-cut business cards from a shop like Print Peppermint does have a number of unique benefits.


  • One-of-a-kind designs – You can create shapes and designs with die-cut business cards that are simply not possible with standard square, rectangular or even rounded designs. If you really want to make your business stand out, custom die-cut business cards are the best choice.
  • Easily incorporate other design elements – Die-cut business cards can easily be made with additional unique design elements like gold or holographic foil, embossing and debossing, and colored edges – allowing you to customize and create a truly unique card.
  • High-quality card stock and finishes – Die-cut business cards from companies like Print Peppermint are available in thickness of 18 or 32 pt, with a variety of surface finishes including silk matte, cotton, and even suede, all of which provide a beautiful appearance. 


Invest In Die Cut Business Cards To Take Your Business To The Next Level! 

If you want a truly unique business card that will help you spread the word about your business and impress customers, custom die-cut business cards are the best option. You will have full creative control, and it’s easy to work with a printing company like Print Peppermint to design your business cards and have them printed. So don’t wait. Start designing your die-cut business cards now!