What is a small business VoIP phone system?

Business-grade voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming more popular among small businesses due to its low cost and flexible software components. This has helped employees who are stuck at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has led many businesses to operate from home.

VoIP enables small businesses to make and receive calls with personal handset using VoIP providers’ apps on phone. Besides, clients won’t worry as their phone will display the company’s business number.

Small Business Cloud-based VoIP solutions small.

Small businesses VoIP systems are the phone systems that allow companies to communicate via the internet. The conventional traditional phone systems use the Public Switched Telephone Network(PSTN) which are physical wires that carry an analog voice signal from a caller to the receiver.

When a caller establishes a PSTN connection, the calls start, and he must remain connected to the receiver until end of the call. In VoIP technology, the analog voice during a call is converted to data packets then transported via the internet that is also used for other purposes like sharing videos, documents, and even emails.

Importance of a VoIP phone system to small businesses

Small business VoIP offers high quality audio, video calls, team messaging, audio conferencing, unlimited extensions, and more features and functions that are useful to your organization. All this is found within a single platform and can integrate with your business apps to be competitive enough to match the larger enterprises.

1.It’s Cheaper

When compared to PSTN alternatives, VoIP systems are much cheaper. This is because you will have to install cables, desk phones, and PBX hardware for conventional traditional phone lines.

Besides, you must pay the call rates every time you make a call. On the other hand, VoIP systems are way cheaper as they don’t require any special equipment installation. Your provider manages everything; therefore, you don’t need any staff to manage the VoIP systems.

Besides, you can use your existing equipment, and you can easily make VoIP calls with your smartphone, laptop, or even tablet. Most VoIP phone plans also have free unlimited calling to select VoIP numbers and feature cheaper international call rates. Therefore, you can make international calls and long-distance calls without spending much as you would if you were using a traditional telephone.


Since you don’t have to move any new equipment, VoIP systems are much affordable. You won’t any new numbers for a new office, and the system works in any location with an active internet connection.


Besides being portable, it’s possible to start small in this system and add other users depending on your needs. Besides, you don’t need extra wires to accommodate new phone lines or additional users. Therefore, it will be more comfortable and relatively cheaper to add new users to the system.


VoIP has many features that you would not find in conventional phone systems. These include “instant messaging” and “follow-me” features. For instance, the” follow-me” feature enables you only to dial the number of employees, and the system will search for them in any device they’re currently available in. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about which device an employee is now using.

5.Location Independent

VoIP phone numbers are independent of any location, and a company can opt for any phone number belonging to any area code. Therefore, a company will be able to establish a presence in any area without a physical location.

6.24/7 Availability

Virtual phone numbers are available 24/7 all year round. Just log in, make and receive calls from any part of the world with a supported device.

Cons of VoIP phone system


VoIP systems rely much on the internet quality and availability. Therefore, if the internet goes down, then your company will lack a telephone service. This is unlike traditional telephone lines that function even in events of power failures.

2.Voice quality

The quality of both audio and video calls depends on the strength of the internet connection. Therefore, if your internet connection is of low quality, then the audio and video calls will be of poor quality.

VoIP transforms both incoming and outgoing calls to a digital signal and sends it via the internet. Therefore, it has become an important partner for most businesses that do not have a physical location in an area as they easily communicate with their clients and partners.

Whether it’s a business IT consulting firm, marketing firm or a delivery service company, VoIP services will be of great help.