The Three Most Intimidating Knives

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When you carry a knife for self-defense, in an ideal scenario you won’t ever have to use it. However, in critical moments there’s a chance you’ll need to draw your blade in order to protect yourself and your family. Taking out a cleaver blade pocket knife, or another intimidating type of blade can be enough to scare off a threat.

Elements that can play into a fear factor include size: bigger is scarier, shape: exotic or military designs let your enemies know your knife is not for cooking. A quick and effective draw demonstrates your competence and reaction speed.

If you’re looking to buy a cleaver blade pocket knife online or some other type of intimidating blade, consider the three options below, as these are examples of some of the most intimidating knives on the market. These blades are ideal for your everyday carry if self-defense is one of your requirements.

1. Damascus Folders

Well-designed, the Damascus Folders show off the quality of the steel with their rippling, layered steel design. These knives have a classic look, which show off not only your refined taste in blades but also provide an onlooker with a sense of respect for the blade and its owner.

Many examples of these knives evoke historical, more brutal times. The mere sight of an intimidating blade can send someone running. When you grasp your Damascus Folder and hold it firmly and confidently at the ready, that in itself might end any potential threat immediately.

2. Assisted Reverse Tanto Flippers

The Tanto blade, originating from ancient Japan, has a distinctive curve which feels inherently foreign and dangerous. Popular Tantos possess long and secure handles, allowing for different grips to maneuver that eye-catching point.

The assisted flipper mechanism allows for a smooth, full draw which isn’t going to let you down after a bit of practice. Seeing the Tanto blade emerge into its fully open position, with the quick flick of a wrist, is likely to deter an uncertain foe. Practice your draw and keep your Tanto sharp, in the case that you might be required to use it.

3. Karambit Style Neck Knives

It’s hard to imagine anything more intimidating than the sight of a man ripping a knife right from around his neck. That’s what the Karambit style allows. Looped versions of these knives are extremely fast to draw, completely skipping on any folding or flipping action, you can tear this knife right from a neck rope.

The finger loops present a similar design to knuckle-dusters and even though your knife might not be suitable for that use, it shows you’re will fight to win.

A thief or attacker is going to think twice when they see this blade. A Karambit is a great choice for warding off both. Although the blade might not be long, its shape shows your attacker that you’ve got the blade for one reason alone and you’re ready to use it.