The Deep InterWebz

Greeting all @TheAnonGeist here with your guide to the Deep Internet *Insert epic music here* Now right off the bat some of you may be wondering “What is the deep internet?” The deep internet is a special place on the internet only accessible to those on the TOR network (thanks to the TOR browser bundle its easier than ever to surf but we’ll discuss that later) Now the “deepweb” was estimated to contain over 91,000 Terabytes of info an approximately 300,000 sites as of 2004. The “Deepweb” is filled with all sorts of stuff from Drugs, assassins, guns, political blogs, personal pages basically you name it they got it. Its also filled with hackers, Pedobears, and other scary and dangerous peopleso safety is advised when using the “deepweb” but will discuss that too. So sit back, relax and get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget as we journey to the center of the interwebz.

Part 1: Safety First

Ok first and foremost you got to protect yourself before you start exploring the “deepweb”. You wouldn’t have se with a stranger without wearing a condom right? Ok so #Anonymous released a handy little guide to surfing like a black hat I recommend you go thru those steps before proceeding. You can find all of that info right here I’ll wait while you follow these steps… done ok let’s continue. Now go ahead and download CCleaner you’re going to use this EVERY time you log-off the “deepweb”. Here is the DL link for it The free one works fine but if you want to buy the home or business version feel free to do that. Ok now lets talk Proxies. If you don’t know what a proxie is or how it works check out the wiki on it Now you don’t need a proxie or proxies to explore the deep web to explore the “deepweb” but an extra level of protection always help. Last but not least is your antivirus up to date? If not DL the Avast! Crack hp toner cartridges from TPB hell even if you have updated anti-virus stop paying for that shit and join the pirate revolution. Avast! Crack can be found here Ok so your computer is nice safe and secure time for some fun.

Part 2: Baby steps

Ok you’re ready to start exploring the “deepweb”. I can feel your excitement from here. Like I said earlier the “deepweb” can be a very dangerous place so don’t go diving in head first take it slow. Now all the websites are long jumbles of numbers and letters that look like hash algorithms so finding a site can be a bit of a headache but that’s what I’m here for. Also there are no .com’s but rather pseudo higher domain names such as .onions. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that means just understand that instead of you’ll end up on a funny looking domain name. Now the first site we’re going to visit is the hidden wiki. It’s pretty much a doorway to the “deepweb”. The hidden wiki is located at kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion so go ahead and copy and paste that into your search bar. Now loading time may be slow and at times it may appear you’re running on dial-up just bare with it. Now your on the hidden wiki go ahead and click so links and peak your head out just don’t DL anything and use common sense when exploring. Familiarize yourself with the hidden wiki and other “deepweb” link sites such as Torlink: http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/

Part 3: WTF how do I buy stuff?

Ok so you’ve explored the “deepweb” for a while and found where they stash the drugs and guns. But you can’t seem to figure out what kind of crazy currency they’re using. Well my adventures friend that currency is known as bitc0ins. Bitc0ins are a non-centralized internet based form of money. They have nothing backing them other then the desire to have them (which has gone up over the years). At the time of writing this bitc0ins are currently going for $8 USD for 1 BC. So basically they are much stronger than our dollar at the moment. The official website for bitc0ins is and you can learn more about them here. Always be careful when purchasing bitc0ins do your homework and make sure the site is secure and trusted. I will not post any links for buying bitc0ins BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Now if you order something off of lets say the silk road http://ianxz6zefk72ulzz.onion/index.php don’t be stupid. Don’t send them to your house or a P.O box that’s how you get caught. Again BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I can’t emphasize that enough because I don’t need a bunch of kids bitching that they’re doing 7 years for purchasing a gun. You do something stupid its on you do not blame me or my guide. There are plenty of guides all over the internet that explain how to safe ship stuff to yourself, read them, learn them, love them. I’ve successfully bought stuff from the “deepweb” its not hard just don’t be stupid.

Part 4: Links and stuff

This last part is just some links to sited you may enjoi while on the “deepweb”
The Silk Road where u can buy drugs =o
The Hidden Wiki! Can potentially find everything from here!
Contains Tor Library
Open Vendor Database (discusses non onion drug websites too!)
The General Store (more drugs)
A bunch of rather popular boards (like Intel Exchange and
Most popular chan on tor (Arguably) comparable to 4chan
Directory/list of links
Another chan
By: theanongeist