Best Microsoft Exchange Options

The Best Microsoft Exchange Options for Your Toronto company

The business landscape of today has way more complex challenges than when Microsoft first created an office suite of applications to help run businesses. This stubborn fact has caused a lot of developments to the initial suite of applications for business, a lot of them are just as complex as the problems they solve, making life at work a whole lot easier. With Microsoft Exchange, Toronto based businesses can now include a lot of work application options that enhance the end results of their tiring efforts. Microsoft announced the 2016 version of the Exchange Server (ES), an upgrade from their 2013 offering and the companies that have adopted the new version have a lot of benefits to be thankful for.

The first noticeable and probably first checked option that businesses access in the Office 365 applications is the mail. Powered by the ES, mail has seen a lot of power added to what users were already confident of getting. A new mail interface accessible on the browser version of Outlook will be a refreshing change from the installed application option. A lot of thought is said to have been invested in securing the email that gets handled by the ES, one thing that could encourage usage of Microsoft Exchange Server Toronto direly needs.

The new version of ES has been developed with better slots to fit in other turbo tax support services from Microsoft, both currently active and those to come in the future. Integration with the OneDrive option for instance, is a great advantage that Microsoft Exchange Toronto companies will be happy to take up. A huge 1 Tb of storage space is said to come for each user licenced on a company’s contract. The implications this has on accessibility of data analytics are beyond our time.

Where Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 touched on yet, there are said to be 3rd party applications that can also be installed alongside the stock applications to enhance their performances. One such integratable application is the Docusign plugin, this one allows users to share documents over teams and collect signatures from all ends in contractual agreements or to petition a cause. The old way of doing this in Toronto (well pretty much everywhere) was to download the document, sign it and scan it back to the email it came with. Huge deal of work just to scribe a few dots of ink on a paper isn’t it?

Toronto Microsoft Exchange adopters will be spoilt of choice when it comes to what they want their installations and servers to handle. One huge additional feature is accessing skype right from inside the documents and emailing server. The collaboration enhancements of this feature seems equivalent to an application created to fix every problem you will ever have on the business scene, then pumped with steroids. Apparently you can share working space on a single document simultaneously, and have a chat about what is happening as it develops in real time.

One wonders what will come in the scheduled updates.