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Summon is the Future of Car Parking Garage System

9 months ago, Tesla Motors described its interests in introducing a new parking system that would make it easier for people to park their vehicles. This interest was further elaborated by the release of “Summon” – an innovation and feature that enables many of the newest model vehicles of Tesla to park autonomously, minus any input from the driver. How does this system work? In simple words, owners of the vehicle will be using a key fob or smartphone to remotely command their vehicles to open the garage doors, get into parking position, turn off the engine, and close the garage doors.

When you need to head out for a short commute again, drivers can use the same remote method for getting the vehicle out of the garage and begin driving. Various other car manufacturers have been working on similar valet technologies for parking, promising that automobiles of the future will be able to create a ripple effect that stretches beyond autonomous-parking. In light of this car parking garage system, excavators are planning to transform 50 acres of an ordinary parking lot, which is located in Nashville Office Park into a future-minded space.

This space will be used for bringing together all the latest trends in urban planning. For a better outlook on how the space will look, you can look at this 3D rendering below. Developers typically intend to build a mix of residences and retail spaces that incorporate things like green roofs and solar panels, along with a range of other useful and helpful technologies that aim to make life easier and convenient for us human beings.

However, what makes this project most notable and praised is that it is poised to include what will be nation’s first parking structure, which will be designed for an era of cars that come equipped with features like Tesla Motors’ Summon and will have the capability of parking themselves, while being able to connect with a range of broader transportation networks to enhance convenience and reduce hassles relating to everyday driving. Motorists might not think that they need a change of transition, but like every other aspect of transportation being revolutionized, parking garages will be no different.

In fact, fast-forwarding to the next two to five years, numerous experts have predicted that these technologies will begin to alter, rework, and change what drivers think/need from a parking garage. As this transition continues, those wanting to make their shift to a more technologically dominated parking space will be required to retrofit their existing structures with new ones being rethought from the ground up.

Further technologies like autonomous cars and connected car add another dimension to the capabilities of next-generation cars. Autonomous vehicles will be able to get out/into parking spaces – all by themselves. In addition, connected cars will give drivers the ability to summon a ride remotely; meaning garages may even not need to be located close to city centers or in the middle of shopping districts.

The author of this article is a car enthusiast and maintain a listing of cars for sale in Minnesota.