underground utility lines

Steps Involved in Constructing Underground Utility Lines

Many building projects require the construction of underground utility lines, such as water mains, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers. It is important to have an experienced company doing this work so that you know you will get the best quality of work possible while keeping safety a priority. Finding a contractor who is already prequalified with the Department of Transportation within the state, giving them approval to perform utility work on sites, can help ease the process. There are several steps involved when constructing underground utility lines.

Approval Process

Underground utility lines require designs and plans which must be approved. Contractors can aid in the design process and give estimates of the work that needs to be done. When going over initial plans and estimated costs, work with an experienced company and comb through every detail, so nothing is missed. Having a large item added on to the project after a budget has already been set can be a big deal and potentially halt a project. Before construction actually starts there will be inspections by inspection companies edmonton, which contractors will often help out with.

Construction Phases

During construction, you are allowed to visit the site and oversee what you wish to see, thouAluminium Alloy Pipes in Indiagh you are not required to. There will be a foreman or field superintendent on duty during all work that you can ask questions to or speak directly with.

Phase One: Site Preparation

The first stages include surveying the land and putting traffic control measures into place, so the area is safe for crews to work in. If there is a paved road where the installation will be, the pavement will have to be cut before the next phase starts.

Phase Two: Trenching

The first phase of construction is trenching, which is where a trench is created and a round plastic conduit is installed beneath the surface. After they are placed, the trench is backfilled, and the area restored. This phase takes the longest as it affects the surrounding community.

An electrical contractor will simultaneously work on the electrical panels of the business to get them ready to receive the underground utility lines.

Phase Three: CablingAluminium Alloy Pipes in India

The technicians place the new utility lines in the conduits during this phase. The cables are pulled through the conduits and spliced at certain points. edmonton thrift store, the lines are turned on and brought into service.

Phase Four: Restoration

Once all work is complete, the roads are the last part to undergo restoration. The road surface will be repaved as good as or better than the condition it was in before the underground utility line construction started. Constructing underground utility lines can be a complicated process if you do not know what you are doing. That is why it is important to hire an experienced contractor with utility lines construction services who will make sure the proper steps are taken and that the work is done right.

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