Software Based Network Design

Software Based Network Design Among 2016 Top Innovations

The year is near the halfway mark and we should be looking at innovations that have made some of the many things we dreaded last year possible. A lot of the innovations to note have been very important to the fact that you would not be reading this article. To note is all the hardware that has made things a lot easier to handle, thanks to the speed. Network designs by mobile carriers that have made speeds and services a lot more enjoyable.

While all the innovations have been applauded, the most underrated innovation has to be the software based network design on which a lot of services have been riding on. The potential to make the business world a better and more productive place is beyond what has been thought yet, even in movies, well, some of them. If networks such as the ones we use to communicate with had an interface that could tweak certain areas to increase capacity when needed, experts say this could make for a more advanced world.

The development of software based networks has brought a lot of other developments that have seen the world operating better on a lot of facets. Software based networks are especially what the world of managed services thrive on. Small companies, big ones too, need less stress managing networks on their premises. It has become a lot easier for startups to launch with massive impact compared to previously possible levels, this is largely thanks to the software based networks on which they run.

Security concerns are easier managed with software based networks. The inclusion of software in networks adds a lot of intelligence in how they are regulated. Analyzing traffic and keeping harmful elements out of networks is only possible now because software can scan and sort the issue well before users get a whim of it. Not to say we are less intelligent running things, we made the software afterall.

The ability of software based networks, as displayed in a lot of conferences on big data, to analyze and interpret large sums of data, making it useful for more than just stacking logs, has caused a lot of stir in many businesses. Even in wall street, stock related data from a lot of sources has been dialed doan to even the simplest action ideas, buy/sell. This is proving very beneficial across broker offices all over the world, an edge is always what gets others ahead after all.

A few other innovations announced this year have taken the world by such a grip. Maybe until some manufacture develops more intuitive network designs, then the world will become more optimized. Right now, every cloud application will probably be delivered through software based networks because of their benefits. The direction set by software based network designs could revolutionize the upcoming 5G breed of networks, who knows what power could be unleashed and possibly left in the hands of the end users once it is rolled out. We can only but wait.