Remote Network Monitoring

Plug and Play IoT Device Remote Network Monitoring Kit Now Available

Imagine your residential building’s networks; cameras, internet and all the devices using the network, all connected and manageable via one dashboard. This is the case with IoT device creator’s new product; the Iot Gateway Starter Kit. Created by Advantec, their dream is none other making life easier for developers of interconnected devices management applications. One of the very innovative developments to be enjoyed is the access to all devices connected to the gateway through a remote network monitoring dashboard in the cloud.

The device and all software it comes with have been tested and verified efficiency working on Microsoft’s Azure platform, making then readily accessible to all Iot developers and eventual users. A lot of business value has been projected to emanate from the IoT jumpstart device.

A retail situation in any place on the planet using the applications developed to manage points on a shop’s location, from security, surveillance, to even sales records at point of sales checkouts, a lot can be done. The likes of developing a central monitoring window on all aspects of running the business as well as integrating business intelligence applications to fine tune the elements that optimize the business as a whole.

Several devices already accessible through computer systems can be integrated and accessed in the same light. Sensors from different devices and at locations strategic for the management of even mines can become part of an internet of things remotely monitored through the hardware and software kit provided by Advantec.

From the standpoint of a developer, the kit allows them a lot of applications to integrate their designs and functions with Restful APIs in making a local solution to localized problems. The limits so far for this promising innovation have yet to be tested, developers of even the most complex systems have future plans to either use the cloud to deploy or just for the development phase. The cloud platform on which remote applications are now being hosted will be the same infrastructure on which remote network monitoring tools will reside. This allows even companies that offer services to clients via the cloud, able to monitor their usage habits and probably make use of their findings to make the IoT a better experience when it becomes widely available.

In addition to the already highlighted offerings, the devices being rolled out all have security embedded in them from Intel’s security partner McAfee. This means all the connected devices won’t pose a threat on each other, such a relief. All the devices’ protocols will be merged into the IoT standard implementation; the MQTT. A telemetry transportation protocol accessible across a wide range of devices through the IoT ready gateway. This form of connectivity will form more intelligent networks from even the ones we deem intelligent, in addition to the boost in processing power to our abilities, we get a remote network monitoring interface to keep a developing or analytical eye on all devices. Now if only developers show us what is possible.