Electronic Devices for Boats

New Electronic Devices for Boats: 2018

Electronic Devices for Boats

If the electronics on your boat are aging, or you simply need to equip your boat, the options can be overwhelming. Marine electronics installation allows you to enjoy your boat, whether you are fishing, cruising, hosting a get-together or relaxing.

As a guide we’ve listed our favorite newest devices below:


The industry of GPS and marine navigation has made extreme advancements in navigation systems for boats.

Simrad Yachting has produced the GO series which provides an easy to use interface and a crystal-clear glass screen design thereby creating one of the best navigation units or chartplotters on the market. The glass screen makes it very easy to zoom in and out or even to seamlessly change from navigation to radio to the weather report and so much more.


The ability to communicate is vital when you are at sea.

Garmin is one of the leaders in boating accessories and electronics and with our expert marine electronics installation services we can ensure the best communication device is installed in your boat.

The in Reach Explorer is a satellite communicator as well as a GPS navigator. From this device, you can send and receive messages, track your journey, navigate your route, and send an SOS for emergency help.

The in Reach Explorer is one of the top-of-the-line products on the market today and allows you to call for help without cell reception. It’s waterproof, has a battery life of 100 hours, and it is FCC, CE and IC approved.


JL Audio is one of the leaders in the industry and makes a sound system that can endure the heaviest of rains and the hottest of humidity. The rugged and weatherproof MediaMaster 100, for example, comes with AM/FM radio as well as the ability to plug in any device to play throughout your boat. It’s also SiriusXM-ready. It’s legible text, and backlit controls make it easy to use when you are in motion so that you can enjoy your marine audio equipment at any time.

Wearable Technology

Additionally, if you, like many people, have an interest in wearable technology, Garmin has an excellent product for boat enthusiasts. The Descent Mk1 smartwatch has a GPS enabled dive computer and can even monitor your heart rate when doing deep sea diving with your boat. You can sync this data with your computer or other smartphone device and even manage your dive time, ascent and descent rates and your gas mix.

Final Thoughts

The different add-ons and technology you can add to your boat are endless. Our experts are highly trained in boat electronics accessories and can help you find the device most suited for your needs.