Network Managed Service

Network Managed Service Market Forecast

While the biggest providers of Network managed services have been telecommunication services providers, the services for which they are required have increasingly been provided by smaller firms and this seems to be a growing trend. The Managed Services Industry reported earnings for their services as being well above the 150 billion dollar mark, something to be expected this year too. The network managed services part takes a large chunk of the whole figure in the sense that almost all IT functions require a network of some sort.

Some of the reported markets or areas being served through Network managed services include,
● Managed IP services such as PBX solutions for businesses
● Managed data storage services
● Managed network security, and
● Managed cyber security risk

The future of all these sectors will be drastically changes in the good sense as soon as the developments scheduled to launch this year come to effect. Some of the changes will make the services a lot affordable, affecting the figure in earnings expected from them this year. The move taken by Dropbox to move from a managed service to self hosted service could drastically alter the data storage sector in many ways. We could be on the brink of seeing a lot of applications at the same cost as Dropbox’s storage solution but with so much power businesses would need nothing more.

Network managed security could be on the brink of facing the toughest challenge of our time yet. The upcoming and much awaited age of the Internet of Things could place the world of computing in the hands of cyber criminals. A lot of new security features are going to be needed before every device gets tethered to every other in the world.

With PBX Network services being offered online, the world where telephone systems are made available through physical connections like cables is near a sad ending. Internet protocols taking over the sector counts for cheaper and less stressful to manage work environments, all with the much enjoyed high levels of performance and good results.

As companies grow bigger, just as the precedent shown by Dropbox shows, they tend to migrate from being network managed to self managed enterprises. This is not too bad a situation for the providers of the services however, a lot of new businesses are discovering the advantages of starting without the hassles of managing all the needed hardware as well as applications that spike growth. There is not going to be a lack of clients for Network managed service providers because of this.

A lot of other services relying on network managed services will benefit greatly from the added functions to be deployed on cloud platforms. The number of regions benefiting from this and upcoming enhancements in the market go beyond Canada into the rest of the world. A company offering the highest quality of network managed services locally stands a chance of serving companies as far away as in Asia. the boundaries that limit business today will be further destroyed.