Dental Lumineers

Light Up Your Smile With Dental Lumineers In California

One of our best rewards is helping patients finally get the smile they’ve always imagined but never thought was possible. And one of the most requested cosmetic solutions is dental Lumineers in California. Today, we’re sharing some of the many reasons why!

Your smile will look amazing.Having multiple problems with your teeth can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and maybe even hopeless.But you have no reason to feel that way – with our training and technology, we can fit you for custom-crafted Lumineers. The process delivers an incredible smile that will make you look and feel better than ever!

Dental Lumineers in California give you a lasting white smile.Not all stains can be removed with professional whitening treatment. Some discoloration just doesn’t respond to even the strongest whitening agents. For that reason alone, Lumineers are a wonderful option because their radiant brightness will resist the common culprits behind stained teeth for years to come.

Hide surface flaws with Lumineers. The last thing anyone wants when they smile is to have a few damaged teeth that steal the spotlight. Dental Lumineers in California are a great way to hide the imperfections that distract people from the rest of your teeth.By bonding to your own teeth, Lumineers cover up cosmetic flaws like cracks, chips, or rough spots for a gorgeous smile you’ll want to show off.

Lumineers are instant orthodontics.If you have teeth that are crooked, slightly overlapping or gaped, Lumineers can be the orthodontic treatment you wished you’d had when you were in school!That’s because they cover up these flaws and make it look like you just spent the last two or three years wearing braces without all the pain or fuss.

You can reshape teeth with Lumineers. Sometimes patients come to us complaining about only one or two teeth that just don’t look like they belong.Whether it’s a tooth’s darker color or odd size and shape, Lumineers can easily blend the tooth in for a beautifully balanced, even smile.

The process is painless.With standard veneers, you will need to have some of your tooth enamel removed in order to create the most comfortable and visually-pleasing fit once your veneers are placed.It’s an important step, and a necessary one for some patients, because it allows for a secure bond to your teeth, and it makes enough room so your veneers will look and feel natural against your gums.
Dental Lumineers in California require little to no modification to your tooth enamel, which means a faster, more comfortable process for patients who want to transform their smile.

Giving your smile a complete transformation doesn’t have to doom you to months of long, invasive, complicated treatments. Recreating your smile could be as simple as dental Lumineers in California. Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can determine if they are the best solution for you.