Is Megavideo The Start of a Domino Effect?

When it comes to file storage and file sharing, at 52 million hits a day, and 180 million registered users, you can’t get much bigger than Megaupload. This is exactly why they needed to be crushed like a bug, at least in the eyes of the US government, backed by the well-funded Entertainment Industry’s lobbyists.

When Kim (Schmitz) Dotcom started his little site in 2005 I doubt he could have imagined the whirlwind of legal storm his site would turn out to be. Dotcom and 3 of his company executives, are now being charged with racketeering conspiracy, money laundering copyright infringement, that may result in a possible 50 years in prison.

Why the need for such a passionate attack? Megaupload has become a major hub for hosting music, movies, TV shows, games, along with many other forms of entertainment. The corporate owners of this content see this as a 600 million dollar hole in their money bucket.

In an attempt to flex their internet muscle, after the Jan19th seizure of the site, the US government posted an image on the domain, reading as follows

“This domain name associated with the website has been seized pursuant to an order issued
by a U.S. District Court. A federal grand jury has indicted several individuals and entities allegedly involved in the operation of and related Websites charging them with the following federal crimes: Conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and criminal copyright infringement.”
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Within minutes of this move, IRC’s and other forms of chat all over the web were abuzz with Anonymous chatter on what the retaliation should be for the shutdown. This resulted in the largest action in the history of Anonymous, with over 7000 people joining in on the attacks. A few of the videos posted to YouTube by Anonymous, Video and video talks about the aftermath of some of the Ddos attacks on key players and lobbyists in the industry including, FBI, Department of Justice, RIAA, Universal Music, as well as the French Hadopi.

Also inspired partly by this shutdown, as well as the SOPA and PIPA legislation, is the action OpBlackMarch, calling for the boycott of many of the key players listed above. The Anonymous video explaining the operation can be viewed here video and here Video With Megavideo now out of the file sharing business , one can only imagine there will be another to take its place, sneaking under the radar long enough to make a name for themselves, only to then be crushed as a bug once again , with the cycle repeating itself all over again. But to the relief of millions all over the world someone will always fill that void One Response to Is Megavideo the start of a domino effect?