Introducing Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Introducing Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

For those companies that have not jumped to the announcement of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, this last call better have them rushing to secure their license. Introduced late last year, the latest version of enterprise applications and infrastructure to hit the market has taken all genres of business by storm. From the enhanced performance levels noticed by early adopters, to the reported better results at every level that it is used. The use of Microsoft Exchange Server with your business could be the boost it needs to skip into new record earnings.

The suite of applications that we have all used in previous versions of Microsoft’s products have been remodeled to perform way above their previous levels. Microsoft Word for example, has been taken to an online platform and now allows collaboration. Several users can be working on a single version of a document, and communicate on it through chat saas software at marketplace for 3rd party applications.

Skype for business is one added application to the work tools that were always separately used. A standard licence is said to contain minutes to make high definition calls across networks of employees and effectively work on any projects together. These sort of things were not near possible integrated together before Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 came along. The lot of advantages that keep coming have meant a lot of savings for businesses, some claim they pay for themselves.

In october 2015, when the first version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 was deployed to the public, a promise of updates every quarter was made. Since then, a lot of upgrades to the already enjoyable service were ushered in, and more are on their way, no doubt.

Changes in mail security have seen emails more private and able to incorporate all the other applications in them. Sharing documents through emails, for instance, does not require the document to be attached to the email. Instead, a link to the document is sent and every intended viewer can access the document, no downloads necessary. For a company with a lot of employees, this translates in a lot of savings in both time and money. Both which can be invested in other issues of importance.

The differences between a world working with Microsoft Exchange Server and that working on the old version of office applications has to be most visible when looking at the results both submit to the table. So far, those working with the new innovations have double their competition’s performance levels as well as their company earnings. A lot of other announcements have been made by the development teams at Microsoft, including which could see the Exchange Server capable of running on previously incompatible operating systems, such as on Linux’s Ubuntu. With Microsoft’s data management software, SQL Server being reportedly targeted at linux too, a lot of excuses not to move towards the advantageous Exchange Server are being wiped invalid.

The amount of power that could be amassed when all the components come together will be sure impressive.