Printer printing blank page

How to Get Rid of the Error of Printing Blank Pages?

Printer “Printing blank pages” is a usual issue on Canon printer. So many times, this issue puts you in a problem if cartridges have no ink. Also, the cartridge may fail or if the appropriate size of paper is not loaded within the input tray, during printing the blank pages will come out from the Canon printer.

So many times, when an outdated printer driver is loaded or the Canon printer was not in use for a long time, this type of problem persists. Though, printer printing blank pages can easily be removed this problem with the fixes giving below:

Simple Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Searching for a procedure to fix Canon printer printing blank pages? Methodically the rest of the guide should be followed and resolve your all queries.

Solution 1- Inspection of Levels of the Ink

Before checking the ink level, some white paper should be inserted within the paper tray. After that, touch the (-) button located beside the Setup icon on the bottom left corner of the Control Panel.

Subsequently, touch the right-arrow and select Tools. Thereafter, click OK. Furthermore, the Right arrow button in order to choose the Estimate ink Levels option should be selected.

If you find the ink cartridges empty, the empty ink cartridges should be replaced with new ones. But when you find that the ink cartridges have sufficient ink, then you don’t need to replace them with a new one and carry on to the next fix.

Solution 2- Cartridge should be checked

First, insert some white paper within the input tray. And then the Power button of the Canon printer should be pressed. Now, you have to open the cartridge door and until the Canon printer is idle, you have to wait. Then, for releasing it, you have to press down the ink cartridge moderately to release it. After then, the cartridges should be removed from the slot.

Now, the new cartridges into the color-coded slot should be installed. Make certain that the icon on the cartridge should be matched with the icon on the slot.

The tri-color cartridges should be inserted on the left side of the slot. On the right side, the black cartridges should be placed. After that, cartridges should be pushed back into the slot. If necessary, these steps for all the other cartridges should be repeated. In the end, the cartridge door should be closed. Confirm if the error has been resolved or not.

Solution 3- Settings of the Paper Size should be checked

If in any case, the paper size settings have been changed by you, then blank pages will come from Canon Printer. Thereafter, move to the Print Settings and choose the correct paper size.

Solution 4- the Print Head should be unclogged

If you have not performed any printing task for a long period, then the ink may be dried up and for that reason, the print heads may be blocked

In this situation, with help of a soft cloth, the print head should be cleaned cautiously. After cleaning the print head, some paper should be inserted within the printer and confirm if the issue still resolved or not.

Solution 5- Updating of the Printer Driver

If the above processes fail to resolve to fix the error, after that it is highly recommended for updating the printer driver. For doing so, right-click on the printer name first and then select Properties from the available option. After that, head to the Driver tab.

Then, click on the ‘Update Driver’ option with the purpose of starting the update procedure. Wait for a few minutes as this is a lengthy procedure. When you find the finish, then exit from the tab, and your device should be rebooted.

You can also go to the official website of the Canon printer. Thereafter, the model name should be entered on the Search box.

The Enter key should be pressed. Once the best-recommended versions of the driver for your device are located, select and after that, follow the instructions available online, and then the update procedure should be completed.


1.     Procedure to Reset My Canon Printer?

  • Initially, the Canon printer should be turned off. Then hold the Stop button and press the Power button. After then,   release the Stop button. And the Power button should behold and then press the Stop button two times.
  • Remain for 30 to 45 seconds. After, display ‘O’. by the printer, thereafter press the Stop button four times and then press the Power button two times. The Power button should be pressed once more to turn on the printer.
  • Once more, the Power button should be pressed to turn off the Printer. The reset process is now OK.  Until pressing the power button, the ink cartridge door should be opened. Moreover, the power cable should be reconnected. In the end, the cartridge door should be closed, and release the Power button.

2.   Procedure for Connecting the Canon Printer to a Phone?

  • Initially, the device should be connected to the network. Thereafter you have to Visit the iTunes or Google Play store. From there select the Canon app.
  • At this time, the image or document that you want to send to the Canon printer should be opened. Select the Print option. Visit the Print Preview section and the Printer should be selected from the existing option.
  • At last, click on Print.