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How to Enable Your Workforce to be Efficient and Productive

The strength of an organization lies in its employees. If your employees are strong, happy, and productive, they will not quit. Empowering your employees is the most effective way to prevent attrition.

Studies have shown that companies that believe in empowering their workers gain higher revenues and profits than companies that do not invest in employee empowerment. This clearly shows that organizations that want to enjoy truly sustainable advantage should empower their employees with the power to learn and grow faster than their competitors.

Empowered employees are extremely beneficial for your business. Strong and effective employees make life easier for executives as well. At Credibase, we engage with plenty of companies that can help your organization take effective steps to enable an efficient and productive workforce. Here are a few ways to empower your people so that they can empower your organization.

Stop meddling with them

Let your employees do their jobs. Executives who micromanage their people stifle their creativity and productivity. Everyone seeks some degree of autonomy. Who doesn’t want to take charge of their lives? Autonomy not only empowers people but also motivates them. So if you want stronger and happy employees, you need to hire the best talent, specify clear goals, and allow them to decide how they should accomplish those goals. Their ingenuity might surprise you.

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Let them have access to vital information

When you don’t share vital information with your employees, you are disempowering them. Every employee wants the organization to keep them in the loop. When they have access to information, they will understand critical problems that are detrimental to the growth of the organization. Be generous with what you share with them. If you keep them in the dark, there is not much they can do to ensure the success of your business. Some organizations share information only at their monthly meetings. This is not a good practice. Let them know what is happening as soon as it happens. Generally speaking, every employee should have at least the following information. They should know how the organization makes money. They should know which products or services are going to be launched in the next 6 months or one year. Also, they should know what advantage the organization has over their competitors.
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Let them hone their skills

Don’t confine your employees to their compartmentalized functions. Let them try their skills at other things too. So, for example, if you are trying to solve a work-related problem, select a group of employees good at problem solving. Let them find solutions to the problem. When your employees realize that they have the power to lead the organization, they will feel empowered.

Give them authority

Give your staff more authority. This might involve assigning additional responsibilities or eliminating the need to gain approval at every step. Rotating jobs is another way to enable your employees to gain cross-functional skills. Allow an employee to work on something from start to finish. This allows them to claim responsibility for the final product. Everyone wants to own their work. Get your employees invested in their work and let them do things in their own style.

Involve them in decision-making

Involve your employees in the decision-making process in areas related to their work. Everyone wants to feel important. Let your customer-support employees make decisions regarding customer issues. But keep in mind that even the best employees can make wrong decisions. If this happens and you put the blame on them, it will kill their morale. So create a culture that will allow your employees to fix their mistakes on their own and if they can’t, senior level staff must be there to help them. If your culture haunts employees for their mistakes, they will never make decisions on their own. Eliminating fear is the first step to empowering them.

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Allow your employees to use their own social networks and tools at work. This will not harm your business in any way. When employees are allowed to freely communicate with their colleagues, it fosters team spirit. Also, most organizations forbid their employees to access Facebook. Actually, there is no harm in allowing some Facebook breaks. Such breaks might refresh them and increase their productivity.

Provide plenty of breathing space

If your workspace is too stifling, it will kill their initiative and enthusiasm. Eventually, your best talent will put in their papers in search of some fresh air elsewhere. Treating your employees like adults is the best way to prevent this from happening. This involves eliminating stupid rules and procedures that slow them down. Let them have some flexibility in setting their schedules. The organization should also consider allowing some telecommuting as long as it does not hinder the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Some employers are worried that if they release the reins, all hell will break loose. This is possible if you hire the wrong people. If you want to establish a strong company culture, make sure you hire the best talent. Hire people who are responsible. Trust them and trust their ability to do the right things. If you do not trust them, there is no point in having them on your payroll in the first place.

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Create a stress-free workspace

Easier said than done. But if you really want to empower your employees and increase their efficiency, you need to create a stress-free work environment. If your employees are stressed out, their attention will be on reducing their stress levels. And when they are only concerned about keeping themselves safe, they will not be able to contribute much to the growth of the organization. So create a fair environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Make sure that there is no place for negativity, favoritism, gossips, and big egos in your workplace.

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