Temporary Tattoos

How to Choose Temporary Tattoos for Weddings?

Planning to seal the momentous end-of-the-decade year with your wedding? Congrats on picking 2020 as the year to get married! Weddings are super exciting (and nerve-wracking!) because of the sheer number of decisions involved!  You have to pick the date, the venue, the wedding dress, your wedding vows, the guest lists, the cake, the décor and so on. 

That’s why we want to simplify one decision for you-how to choose temporary tattoos for weddings. 

Let’s get started! 

Choosing temporary tattoos for weddings depends on the following factors 

  1. Occasion: You can choose wedding temporary tattoos for 
    • Save-the-date-temporary tattoos: Tell people that you are ready for the biggest commitment of your life with save-the-date temporary tattoos. 

Bow with initials of bride and groom on save the date temporary tattoo for wedding

Caption: Save the date temporary tattoos for weddings

Image via Pinterest

    • Your bachelorette: Go crazy with your gal pals at the wackiest bachelorette ever with cool bachelorette temporary tattoos. 

Bachelorette party temporary tattoo with quirky message
Caption: Wacky bachelorette temporary tattoo

Image via Pinterest 

    • The main wedding: Opt for quirky temporary tattoo designs, tattoos in roman numerals marking your wedding date, temporary tattoos of your caricatures, of your pictures or temporary tattoos with quotes on love. To find wedding temporary tattoos based on your couple personality type, read this! 

Here are some wedding temporary tattoos to inspire you 

Female and male hands with roman numeral wedding temporary tattoo on writs arms outstretched to the see

Caption: Roman Numeral Wedding Temporary Tattoo

Image via Inkme

Caricature of wedding couple temporary tattoo on arm

Caption: Caricature wedding temporary tattoo

Image via Etsy

Caption: Love quote wedding temporary tattoo  

Love quote temporary tattoo on bride’s décolletage

Image via Etsy

    • The post-wedding party: Go goofy at your post-wedding party with fun temporary tattoos for your guests. 

 Temporary tattoo booth with couples posing with fake moustache temporary tattoos

Caption: Goofy post-wedding party with temporary tattoos

Image via: Lavenderandlaceweddings 

  • Your honeymoon: Soak in eternal love with matching temporary tattoos for your honeymoon. Let the world know you are married! 

 Man and woman’s intertwined arms with Disney-themed honeymoon temporary tattoos

Caption: Disney-themed Honeymoon Temporary tattoos

Image via: Pinterest

  • People: You can customize wedding temporary tattoos for 
    • Yourself and your life-partner
    • The bride’s/bridegroom’s team, 

Bridesmaids sporting rosettes and team bride temporary tattoos interlock fists 

Caption: Team Bride temporary tattoos

Image via Aliexpress

    •  Wedding favors for the guests

Smiling guests getting temporary tattoos applied to their wrists at a wedding

Caption: Guests getting temporary tattoos at a wedding

  • Types of temporary tattoos for weddings: Wedding temporary tattoos come in various types- you can get
    • Multi-colored tattoos

These are economical and most popular temporary tattoos for weddings.  

Multi-color wedding temporary tattoos on wrist of man and woman 

Caption: Multi-color wedding temporary tattoos

    • Metallic temporary tattoos that work as faux jewelry for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Bride sporting metallic temporary tattoo on her back and a posy in her hand

Caption: Bride sporting metallic temporary tattoo

Image via Wheretogetit 

    • Glow in dark temporary tattoos 

If you want to rock your post-wedding party, we highly recommend glow in dark tattoos. You can create a spectacular effect at night with all your guests sporting these glowy marvels. 

Assortment of glow in dark temporary tattoos on a hand

Caption: Glow in Dark wedding temporary tattoos

Image via Amazon.com 

We hope that choosing temporary tattoos for the wedding will be a cakewalk for you now.