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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost? What Factors Influence the Price?

Have you invested in a garage door? You will note that most homeowners have actually appreciated the need to invest in these doors. A garage door is the first way to protect your car and all the items you store in your garage from any break-in and burglars. Installing a garage door can help ensure that everything remains safe. It is also a very important point of entry of the house for heat and cold. Insulating this room would have a positive effect on how much you have to pay for energy.  

Having this in mind, it becomes obvious that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest price you get offered but consider options and have the big picture in mind when the time has come to pick a garage door manufacturer in Perth. Installing this door can help ensure that everything remains safe.

If you live in Perth, you will want to ask for quote from different garage door suppliers including Gryphon Garage Doors. We have an extensive amount of experience installing and servicing garage doors in Perth metro for commercial and residentials.

When asking for a quote consider a few things: first, the quote should be free, second never accept quotes from companies who haven’t met you. The reason being, without seeing your house and current door, it is impossible for a professional to quote correctly and bad surprises may happen when the time comes to pay.

Finally the cost of installing a residential garage door will vary depending on several features.

The Type of Garage Doors

There are many types of garage doors you should be able to pick from. As a rule, manual garage doors will cost less than motorised garage doors. Roller doors are the best price entry point, then comes sectional garage doors and custom garage doors.

The Material Used to Make the Garage Door

You will note that garage doors are usually made of different materials. This depends on the needs of different customers out there. There are some people who normally like hardwood garage doors while others prefer steel or aluminium garage doors. This can affect the price of the garage door. The amount of money that you will use will be directly affected by the material used to make your garage door.

Size of the Garage Door.

Did you know that garage doors usually come in different sizes? In this case, you can readily choose the size that suits your needs. A garage door for a single-car garage will be smaller than a garage door for a double-car garage. If you want to buy a bigger garage door, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, if you choose a smaller garage door, you might manage to save more money. In this case, you can hire our professionals to take

the dimensions of your garage door so that you can get a garage door that fits in your garage.


For Australian clients who live in areas that are prone to bush fires or cyclones, they might need tougher materials and designs in order to withstand these problems.

Presence of Additional Accessories.

You might want to get additional accessories after buying a garage door. These include handles, keypads, windows and garage motors and additional garage door remotes. You might want to customise your garage door by insulating it. You might want to install lights on the side of your garage door.

This can still make you to spend more money. If you want more accessories and customisation, you have to use more money to install a residential garage door in your home.

On the plus side of things, if you invest in making your garage door more functional with an automatic opener or more stylish with custom inserts then your house will gain in appeal and value if you wish to sell it in the future.

The Policy of the Garage Installation Company.

Some companies usually charge more money than others. This depends on their policy. Such companies might have more experience in this area. However, there are some companies that can offer discounts in order to attract more customers. Our company usually charges competitive prices to all our clients in Perth. Invest in our services today and you will not be frustrated.