Hormone Pellets

Hormone Pellets in Arizona: The New HRT

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been a godsend for many patients.  Its general health and anti-aging benefits have improved their wellbeing and quality of life, not to mention mood, muscle strength, sex drive, sleep and a number of other issues.  Today we’re discussing the newest godsend: hormone pellets in Arizona.

The question with HRT has always been which form of it is best.  For some, it has been oral forms of HRT, but it is burdened with a number of issues.  Estrogen of any form, when administered orally, will elevate clot risk and inflammatory markers. And testosterone cannot be administered orally at doses that men need without causing liver problems. 

This issue has led to the creation of subcutaneous hormone pellets in Arizona.  They are tiny cylinder-shaped pellets that are embedded beneath the skin and slowly release the hormone contained in it over the course of months.

Hormone pellets in Arizona are particularly well adapted for the replacement of testosterone in men.  Testosterone that is applied topically typically does not generate optimal levels in the blood.  Injections can produce those levels, but there is too much fluctuation on a daily basis. This ranges from too much the day after injection to too little as the injection begins to wear off. 

Testosterone pellets can be inserted every 4-6 months and deliver optimal and steady levels the whole time.  There is also far less effect on elevations in the blood count that is witnessed with injectable testosterone.

Pellets can be more complicated for women.  Because we don’t know how a patient is going to respond to the preliminary dose, we have to proceed with caution with women that still have their uterus intact. 

Too high a dose of estrogen can cause bleeding from the uterus that might last the whole time the pellets are active which is typically at least three months.  The process begins low and slow.  For women who have had a hysterectomy, pellets are perfect because they offer a consistent level of estrogen (and testosterone if needed) for approximately three months.

The actual placement of pellets is really straightforward.  They are normally placed above the upper outer buttock area.  The area is anesthetized, a tiny incision is placed, and a strip is created in the dermal tissue using a specialized tool

Hormone pellets in Arizona are then pushed through the tool into the tissue, and then the instrument is withdrawn.  The pressure is applied to end any bleeding and Steri-strips are used to close the wound.  The hormones are typically checked in one month to monitor on dosing and again at three months to see how the pellets are holding up. 

Our happy patients are experiencing fantastic results with this form of HRT. If you would like to discuss how hormone pellets in Arizona can benefit your health and wellbeing, contact us today to schedule a consultation.