Sewer Line Repair

Do Most Insurance Policies Cover Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

Do most insurance policies cover sewer line repair or replacement? The answer will largely depend on two different things. The most important thing that you have to answer is why the sewer needs to be repaired or replaced in the first place. The second question depends solely on the policy that you have any clauses that are included in it. It is only when you are able to answer both questions that you will truly know whether or not you are covered or if you are going to be forced to pay for repairing or replacing your sewer system on your own.

The Cause of the Problem

Most insurance policies cover household damages that have occurred as a direct result of something that has happened to the home. For example, most policies cover things like a fire inside the home or storm damage, but they will not cover broken items inside the home such as a broken television set, especially when that damage was caused by dropping something or imposing some other type of physical damage to it. The same is true with the sewer system. For instance, if the sewer system was damaged because of flooding or an earthquake, the homeowners policy might cover it. This is especially true if you have flood insurance or you have a special rider concerning earthquakes with your policy. If the damage can be proven to be caused as a direct result of what has happened, you may eventually get the insurance company to pay for either repairing the system or replacing it in its entirety. On the other hand, a system that is simply worn out and not functioning well is not going to be covered under hardly any policy, as homeowners insurance does not cover repairing or replacing any type of system or appliance due to regular wear and tear.

Understand Your Policy

In addition, every policy is different. Some insurance companies have a tendency to be very good when it comes to making it clear about what they do and don’t cover and others don’t do near as much to clarify that problem for their customers. In addition, there are some trucking insurance companies that are more reliable than others. It really comes down to the company that you are insured with and the type of policy that you have. Do you also carry flood insurance? Do you have earthquake insurance? These are all important questions that have to be answered. If you are still uncertain as to whether or not damage to the sewer system will be covered by your insurance policy, do not hesitate to ask your insurance agent and keep asking until you get a straight answer. It is much better to know exactly what is and isn’t covered ahead of time then it is to hope for the best after something has already happened.


While dealing with insurance policies may not be the most entertaining way to spend the day, it is something that all homeowners have to consider. Generally speaking, a sewer system that needs to be repaired or replaced is going to be the responsibility of the homeowner when it comes to paying for it. However, if you find yourself in one of those one in a million situations where the system worked fine and then was damaged by some type of event that occurred, you might be in luck. It is possible for sewer systems to shift when a great deal of rain comes in or during an earthquake. Therefore, it is conceivable that there could be a situation where you might have some type of ground to stand on when it comes to getting covered. However, it is important to make sure that you know exactly where you stand ahead of time.