Progressive Cavity Pumps

Control And Monitoring Can Keep Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps in GA From Costly Cycles

For pumping heavy oil loaded with sand, sludge and other abrasive and thickening contents, Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA are unmatched for efficiency. Almost no other pump design can endure even a few barrels of this type of oil.

Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA allow for pump speed control, which is an important option as production levels vary over the life of a well. One drawback to these pumps comes with restarting them if they have to be stopped for any reason. In a field with multiple progressive cavity pumps, this issue is amplified.

Remote monitoring, regulating and field optimization: If an operator could monitor all the factors that lead to a pump stop remotely, they would be alerted to impending issues. And if they could reduce the speed of the Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA at the first notice of trouble, they could greatly decrease the number of these stoppages.

Today’s technology offers so many cost-effective tools for doing just that. Increasingly, operators are finding that the investment in technology pays for itself rather quickly.

Monitoring solutions can be implemented in all these areas to provide operators with extended visibility of situations at the facilities and website. Because this data is then hosted on the cloud, it is accessible by authorized personnel in the home office, a field or regional office, or from a mobile device at another site.

With the additional step of installing controls on valves, pumps, or other equipment, this information can be used to quickly react to problems and, in most cases, prevent them completely. Most issues can be resolved without the expense and time needed to send someone to the site.

Remote Monitoring Offers Even More Benefits for Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps in GA

Sometimes what’s considered to be ‘Big Data’ can actually be very focused. For example, each pump has a preventative maintenance cycle for oil changes and other components that are subject to deterioration because of wear, heat or other factors.

By monitoring the run time of such equipment, the software system can send alerts when it’s time for each type of PM. The system can be set to alert a particular number of hours early, which allows the operator time to add that location to service personnel’s schedule.

Continental progressive cavity pumps in GA are the perfect fit for wells producing thick, oil that is loaded with sludge, along with frac sand and other abrasives that would quickly destroy most other pump types. Its challenge, however, is that it is difficult and costly to restart if it should ever need to be stopped, for any reason.

Remote control and monitoring permit operators to quickly spot issues that could create the need for pump stoppage and, instead, slow it down the pending resolution of the issue. An automated system can actually track warning signals and perform slowdowns without the need for human intervention, sending an alarm or report to appropriate personnel when the issue arises and when it is resolved.

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