Constitution of Voxanon @


Welcome to VoxAnon!
VoxAnon is not just a mere IRC server.
It represents a community. It is a movement. It is a philosophy. VoxAnon has been forged to provide a platform to facilitate inter-Anonymous discussion and activities. We are an alternative to those dissatisfied with the current selection of IRCs that Anonymous has. We represent a home to the homeless, a hivemind to abandoned, and a temple for the unfaithful.

The Founding Fathers of VoxAnon are veteran Anons who have been seeking a new means of safe and secure communication. The creation of VoxAnon will help not only facilitate but encourage the free flow of ideas without the threat of censorship and persecution. Additionally, we seek to build an efficient, proficient, and skillful community. We offer our network services to anyone who calls themselves an Anon, or considers themselves an ally of Anonymous. VoxAnon is a place where they will be able to propagate their skills or ideas for the cause.

We encourage everyone to consider VoxAnon to be your new home and we will in turn welcome you with open arms as brothers and comrades. United as one, divided by zero!
Mission Statement of Project VoxAnon

The Voxanon IRC Network exists to facilitate Anonymous operations.
This network is forged upon these five basic principles:
I. Security and safety for the network. The network operations team is dedicated to preserving the privacy and anonymity of users.
II. Accountability and accessibility to anons. We seek to assist the movement, not vice versa. No comrade is worth more than another. The physical network exists to serve the community, not the other way around. After the network is long gone, the community must go on.
III. Strategic efficiency in generating influence. We represent a growing nameless and shapeless movement. We exist to represent the outcry of citizens around the world that have begun to wake up to the unjust, imperfect and flawed system we live in. Most of all, we represent Change.
IV. Maturity in actions. Just as a child ages, and moves through different phrases of his life, a movement will parallel such a phenomenon. Darwinian law dictates that as time goes on, an organism must adapt to his surroundings, or face extinction. We must cast off the shell of the old ways, and adapt to a constantly changing environment. Thus, we represent maturity.
V. Freedom of Speech and Information Above all else, we believe in Freedom of Speech and Information. Our very existence is dependant upon this principle, and enforced through the physical impossibility of oppressing an idea. This is because Ideas are based upon metacognitive reality. In other words, they are bulletproof.

Constitution of VoxAnon

This Network upholds a policy of unconditional free speech, unless that speech poses a direct threat to the network. Such a threat must be proven.

Network Administrators must not/are not allowed to interfere in channel management unless required to do so in order to prevent a direct threat to the network, or if the channel owner explicitly requests for a network administrator to do so.

You have the right to privacy in private channels. No oper may join a private channel unless invited, or to prevent a direct threat to the existence of the network.
Network business, channel business, and organization of operations must be kept completely separated at all times.

In channel/operation business, a Network Administrator is neither more nor less important than the user.
Network business and discussion by Administrators is to be discussed in a publicly viewable channel, unless there is a specific well-argued reason to discuss it in private.

Except for situations that pose an immediate threat to the network, all network-related decisions have to be made by the administrator team as a whole, and not by individual network administrators.
Under no circumstances should network administrators be able to view, intercept, or manipulate personal messages sent over the network.

Network Administrators are forbidden from giving out personal information of any user for any reason, even legal.

Network Procedures

Weekly Meetings: Every 2 weeks, two central meetings (for different timezones) with administrators and users will be held to collectively discuss network issues. Every registered user will be able to give input. The exact dates for these meetings will be announced in the topic of #townhall


You are responsible for your own anonymity. Get Tor, a VPN, or something else if you want to preserve your online anonymity #link to doc 1 #link to doc 2 #link to doc 3.
• Always use common sense when speaking on an IRC network, and be aware that all public channels are probably being logged.