Sewer Relining

Can Sewer Relining Save Time, Money and Interruption in Massachusetts?

Can sewer relining save time, money, and interruption in Massachusetts? The short answer to that question is yes, it can. There are several reasons why sewer relining is the superior solution when there is a problem with the existing lines but the main reason is that the job can be completed in a reliable fashion in a minimum amount of time. The fact that less resources are used and less time is required to complete the job means that it also costs less money. It also doesn’t require that you alter your schedule for several weeks while everything is dug up and replaced.

Understanding the Process

Sewer relining is a common form of repair when your existing sewer line has significant cracks or breaks in any seams that might exist. Sometimes, the sewer line has been damaged in some way and at other times, it is simply worn out due to age. Whatever the problem might be, relining the sewer line can effectively give you what amounts to a brand new sewer line that doesn’t have any seams in it to break or leak, and you can get the entire job finished in a much shorter amount of time than you might expect. It doesn’t require that everything be torn up in order to get to the existing pipe, nor does it require a significant amount of time or investment in equipment.

Saving Time

When a sewer line is relined, a resin coated bladder is inserted into the line, inflated and then cured to the inside of the pipe that is already there. This process allows professionals to save a great deal of time because there is far less physical manpower involved. It is no longer necessary to dig up the yard in order to get to the pipe that is experiencing a problem. By the same token, it isn’t necessary to tear up significant areas of the yard in order to get a better look at everything, largely because diagnostic techniques have so vastly improved. All of this allows companies to save a tremendous amount of time, often cutting a job that might take several weeks down into only a day or two.

Save Money

Of course, when you save time, you also save money. Obviously, you are saving a tremendous amount of money on labor when this technique is utilized. However, the cost savings do not end there. You also save money on materials, as it is no longer necessary to purchase new sewer lines, nor is it necessary to pay for all the equipment that would be required to remove the old lines and put new ones in their place. In the end, it doesn’t even require the same manpower as some of the older techniques, so as a consumer, you end up saving money all the way around.


The ability to save both time and money when getting a sewer line repaired and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it has been repaired effectively is invaluable. Remember, it all comes down to the fact that it takes less time and it doesn’t require so much equipment or that so much damage be done to the yard. In the end, it means that you only have to be inconvenienced by having someone performing work at your home for a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks.