Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance: How Effective Is It?

When you experience discomfort in your body, one of the first steps is to determine the cause and what it stemmed from since the root of injuries is almost endless.

Bioresonance therapy MI can do just that by testing based on the electromagnetic nature of our bodies, as our nervous system functions on electricity. And, it’s various medical technologies capture our magnetic energy. Discovering the source of your pain and joint complications, treating the issues, and using natural procedures is how we serve our patients.

How Bioresonance Works

Bioresonance therapy Michigan is a non-invasive, fast technique that takes only ten to fifteen minutes to scan the body. It allows you to determine many things happening within the body and has been claimed to remedy numerous diseases such as asthma, eczema, arthritis, and allergies – possibly even cancer in some cases. It depends on the capability of our cells to resonate at determinable frequencies. These cells can then accept signals from other cells and communicate them to the body’s other systems. Positive, or healthy, cells and negative, or harmful, cells resonate differently, and this is how negative cells are determined and treated. Bioresonance helps the body gain control over its regulatory system, looking at the reasons for the ailments, not just the symptoms. The results are consistent and will guide specialists to the parts of the body that need to be treated. Bioresonance treatment is a holistic method used to cure the body’s pains and strengthens the body’s capability to fight against diseases. All in all, supporting the rhythm and health of the body.

Does Bioresonance Work?

Bioresonance is a non-invasive and pain-free medical procedure, and it works by placing electrodes on the skin for analysis and treatment. The electrodes are linked to a machine which then checks the energy wavelengths coming from the body and then balances the frequencies, which will have a healing effect. The effects of this low intensity, magnetic-type of treatment have been proven with results, research, and scientific studies. Bioresonance therapy works by helping to identify the cells unique to your body and to decrease the toxic, unhealthy cells by bringing equilibrium so that you have more vigor to appreciate life and accomplish the things you wish to accomplish.

Effective in the Following Areas:

Bioresonance is a low-risk therapy from which no adverse side effects have been seen. It has proven effective in treating addictions such as food, alcohol, and nicotine, allergies to food, pollen, grass, etc., asthma, hormonal imbalances that could lead to weight problems among other things, and stress. Bioresonance testing rids the body of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and wastes, thus, giving you more energy, which, in turn, leads to better health.