Best Place to Get a Tattoo


Choosing the right Tattoo studio to do your next tattoo can mean the difference between loving your tattoo or hating it. If someone is going to stick a needle in your skin over and over for hours and hours, then you deserve the best tattoo studio in the area. With so many choices, taking the time to research tattoo studios will help you make a decision that is right for you and ensure you love the results.

When choosing a tattoo studio or artist, there are many factors to take into consideration. Here are a few questions and recommendations for you to look at when selecting a tattoo studio and artist:

 1. Get referrals, then get more. When you are walking down the street, at work, or the grocery store, wherever you are, if you see a tattoo you like, ask them who did their work. Most people are happy to talk about their tattoos; they might even let you take a closer look if you ask.  Ask your friends, your family members, your neighbors. Ask about their experience at the tattoo studio, ask about the artist. You will learn which studios to consider, and which ones to bypass. Look for studios like Mom’s Tattoo. Their stellar reputation and strong referral base speak for itself. 

         2. Go where the best go. Tattoo conventions can attract the best in the industry. Go to the conventions and look at the work of the top competitors in your region.  The top studios/artist represent the current industry standards in the tattoo field.  At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing, our talented studio won the Best of Spokane 2019 and Best Readers Poll 2020, because of our artist’s exceptional work.  

3. Time to put on your detectives’ hat. Vetting the studio and the artist is an important step that should not be missed. Check to see if the tattoo studio is licensed. Check to see if there have been any subpar reports attached to the studio and artist. Yelp the studio, and see their reviews, If there seems to be a reoccurring theme by multiple people, pay attention.   

4. Talk to the artist. Visit tattoo studios and ask to see the artist’s work. See if you can arrange a consultation with the artist and chat to see if you feel comfortable with the person or not. Now is your time to ask questions. Ask about pricing and payment, ask if they can create custom artwork, or do they mainly trace other artwork, ask for their social media feeds, and check them out. 

5. Search for a clean studio. Who has heard that saying cleanliness is next to godliness? A clean studio may not garner any heavenly points, but it will keep clients safe and free from infection. When you decide on a tattoo artist, look at how they start a customer. Is the studio bloodborne pathogen certified? Make sure the certificate is current and valid. You should be able to ask questions about the artist’s safety practices without the artist becoming upset. At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing, you can ask all the questions you want because we focus on our client’s comfort and safety.

Yes, there is a lot to consider when you get a tattoo. Get referrals, vetting the studio and artist, see if you and the artist are compatible, and make sure the studio’s cleanliness is up to standard. While this is not an extensive list of what makes a, it is a launching point.

Patience is vital when you are choosing a tattoo studio or artist. Visit multiple shops, talk to numerous artists. Diamonds are not the only thing that is forever…so is your tattoo. With a little research and effort, you will find the right artist and shop for yourself.

There is a studio in the locale Spokane Washington area that encompasses the standards listed above and more. At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing is a local shop that’s ideal for anyone looking for their first tattoo, or their next custom body art creation. Contact Mom’s of Spokane Today and let us help you create art that lasts a lifetime.