robust security for networks

Best Approach for Robust Security for Networks – Remote Network Monitoring

According to Lynx Software Technologies’ product specialists, in charge of developing networks and noticing the trends as they have been changing over the last decade, the best approach to center network designs is that of a security standpoint. This way, they say, will enable remote network monitoring for enhanced security when the inevitable Internet of Things steps in. the devices being targeted for interconnectivity will be safety critical, and this requires an omniscient watch over how they are relating to each other and their most important contact – us.

While functionality will drive a lot of competitions to enhance according to what users want to be able to do with connectable devices, their safety will be of even more importance. One small chink in an armour of devices being used to reach certain objectives could be the downfall of the system. This applies in all industries and manufactures of instruments will have to adopt this realistic point of view. This was a scary revelation, while we can’t wait for the phone to connect to the entire house, it could just be the loophole needed to let intruders in.

With the future in mind, the recent success to unlock a mobile device by the FBI just shows how important the notion of security needs to be taken. The mobile devices in our hands at all times will probably be the remote controls to every other network node, with the ability to conduct remote network monitoring tasks on easy to use dashboards. This means a shift from solely functionality based design of network components is needed, shifting to one that has security to boring levels of strictness. This should not be a cause for worry, functionality can be deployed later through applications as long as the hardware has the capacity.

A lot of the standards that are used to design networks and their elements; IEC&EN61508 to DO-178 across all departments that all use networks requiring accurate functional abilities, also note security confirmation before certification of products. An acknowledgement of this depth means a lot when standing on the brink of increased connectivity and faster occurrence of risk factors.

Proof research has been conducted where remote access and control of safety critical devices was hacked and shown to be usable to even the destruction of life. What when more devices that ever will be connected, will it be good then to start working at remote network monitoring for security enhancements?

Several models of the possible remote network monitoring systems have been under test at Lynx Software Technologies since the beginning of 2016 when software based networks became more of an actual thing than a concept. University researchers from Michigan State University have been known to be working on remote access and manipulation on networks. Perhaps we are well on our way to achieving the required standard of safety through remote network monitoring after all, the Internet of things better find us ready then.