Spring Assisted Tactical Knife

Benefits of the Spring Assisted Tactical Knife

If a folding knife sits in a drawer somewhere instead of being used, the smoothness of the opening mechanism isn’t very important. If a folder is used for a specific purpose like survival or self-defense, however, ease of use and speed of deployment are key features. Even for everyday carry purposes when your life isn’t on the line, these features make your life easier because simple tasks can be completed more quickly.

Opening Operation

Spring assisted tactical knives require the user to apply force to the blade to open the knife. Once that happens, the spring assist kicks in to finish deploying the blade. This results in a very quick and easy opening operation, which is the most obvious benefit of a tactical folder. The quicker it’s deployed, the quicker you can complete the task at hand, which might be cutting a seatbelt in a crashed car or fighting off an attacker.

With some practice, users can open these knives at speeds close to automatic models. Don’t confuse these two types of knives, however, automatic blades open at the touch of a button, but spring assisted blades require manual force applied by the user to get the opening process started. Most models are designed with a thumb stud or lever that is used to get the blade moving.

Single Handed Convenience

If you haven’t seen a spring assisted tactical knife in action or tried one, you’ll be surprised at how convenient they are. Their smooth operation allows for a one-handed opening which leaves your other hand free for whatever you need it to do. Some models can be closed using a single hand also, allowing you to complete an entire task single-handedly. This is an important benefit for any variety of knife, but especially for tactical models where the speed of deploying and then securing the blade can save a life.

Other Benefits

Spring assisted knives are folders, so they have all the other benefits that come with this category of knives. They can be carried in a pocket, a sheath, or from a cord using a lanyard hole. Tactical folding blades use a locking mechanism to hold the open blade securely in place, allowing you to complete tough tasks safely until you’re ready to close the knife. Blades and handles come in countless varieties as well. Keep in mind that you’ll want a blade that combines toughness with maintainability and a handle that’s durable and doesn’t slip in your hands because of rain or sweat. When you add faster and easier deployment to all these benefits, you can see why spring assisted knives for sale online are so popular and available in so many configurations.