Anonymous Feeds the Homeless

#opFeedTheHomeless starts now.
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Hello Citizens of the World,
We are all aware that we live in an often-twisted society where even humanitarian efforts to feed starving people are corrupt and dysfunctional. Most people are aware that the majority of donations intended for the sick and helpless are diverted into the personal bank accounts of the few at the top in the name of their endless and insatiable greed.

Anonymous is aware of this man-made disaster and has decidedly taken a stand opposing such crimes against humanity.

Many people reading this (especially those in the corrupt foreign aid business) may be frightened that Anonymous will hack into the computer systems of such cartel aid organizations and release personal information of innocent people along with the money laundering paths and assorted filth. While it is true that people operating under the name Anonymous have occasionally been hasty to release sensitive information residing within corrupt databases, those acts are widely condemmed by the Anonymous collective as a whole. This is not our intention nor our goal.

Our goal?

Our goal is simply to aid the suffering. Real human beings are suffering and dying due to decades of abuse of political power, special interest corruption and the resultant worldwide economic crisis. The crisis that was created not by the popular government spin of quelling terrorism, but primarily by the heinous and murdurous power struggle to control the world’s oil supply. After all, once you own your own country, what else is there to shoot for?

So Anonymous now stands united as one in another endeavor. We have begun a new operation to distribute food to the homeless and otherwise helpless people who have been cast aside by their governments. You can help this operation NOT by donating money, but by joining the discusion in Twitter under the hash tag #opFeedTheHomeless or #Anonymous and simply giving personally.

Every Saturday we are reaching into our own pockets and giving away food to the less fortunate. Some of us will be feeding hundreds of people each week, but you only need to give away a single apple to join the cause. We are not disguising alterior motives or a secretly corrupt plan by telling you that you shoud help by giving us money. There is no “us” to give money to. There is only the collective idea for a better world, and there is you. If you don’t have time but want to contribute, we suggest you find a friend or a neighbor to help you feed someone. It isn’t hard, and unlike most charities it’s 100% accountable.

You can help additionally for free by filming your selfless act of kindness and publishing it on the internet. We suggest you don’t reveal your face to remove the possibility of recognition connect wireless hp printer and because this isn’t a forum for personal gain, but we do recommend you do it under the Anonymous banner. The videos will be collected and complied to help spread the word and grow our cause to help end corruption in the foreign aid systems.

Why support Anonymous?

The actions of Anonymous have brought down corrupt entities such as the Church of Scientology and have been instrumental in helping end oppressive government regimes such as seen in Libya and Egypt as well as realizing many other triumphs for civil rights and various freedoms all along the way. Despite the aggressive government and corporate opposition against WikiLeaks and our other pro-transparency allies, we continue to be effective in our methods and will continue our eforts to topple those who censor and inhibit the free-flow of information.

Anonymous is a political movement and the end product of oppression created by uninhibited worldwide corruption obviously fueled by greed. If some of its members engage in illegal activities, it is most likely due to the lack of another obvious solution or the failure of legal attempts, and is a manifestation of that personal frustration of those people who have awakened to such a world. Anonymous is a peaceful revolution with the tools to make real change and a history of using them.

Anonymous is no longer a “looseknit band” of anything. We are growing even as we are under massive daily attack and our members are incarcerated by the corrupt lawmakers, police forces and politicians we seek to expose. The Anonymous movement is growing because citizens are no longer OK with working endlessly while unable to save, or watching their life savings being eaten by taxes that fund irresponsible wars for power and elitist profit. We are growing each time we come under tighter oppression or stricter control. We are growing as we witness our governments spending us into a debt that equates to a lifetime of slavery, and then upon reaching their spending limit, simply raising the debt ceiling. We are growing for a multitude of reasons, but the fact is: we’re growing.

We are now bigger than ever, and when we feed the hungry human beings that our government has abandoned simply because they can’t pay taxes anymore… we will grow even stronger.
Will you join us? You can start this Saturday with an apple.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
And even when your government has totally abandoned you…
Expect us.