AnonPR Official Launch

Citizens of the world,
We are Anonymous

Anonymous has been going through an unstable time due to the infiltrations and arrests. Not to mention the negativity from the media and the concerned public from recent hacks and leakage of personal information of innocent bystanders. Anonymous is here to present Anon Public Relations or how we like to call it, AnonPR. AnonPR is here to raise awareness of the change, and the good that is being produced by Anonymous. The AnonPR Team is made up of dedicated and motivated individuals with the same mindset, ideas, and philosophy. We are here to design #op’s for the wellbeing of the people, and our future.

The AnonPR Team is growing on a daily basis, from writers to researchers to graphics and audio design. If you feel and want to make a change, if you see the corruption of your governments, if you want to make the world a better place, join us!

Together we can make a difference. Together we can make a change! Free from the media we can shed light on the corruptions in our world. We can free people from tyranny.

AnonPR is looking for writers, researchers, coders, audio engineers, video engineers, and webmasters.

AnonPR will be releasing a Public Announcement every week. Stay up to date on the events of Anonymous. Contribute a helping hand to these videos! Become part of the movement.

To get involved yourself join our IRC network, or email in the links below: [email protected] Click on irc network on the site for direct and live chats

Not All Anons Are Hactivist, Many Anons Are Activist With The Voice For The Voiceless

From the AnonPR Team, Stay Classy Internet!