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Like all great content based businesses, we are based more on the hinge of passion and competence than capital funding. Having grown from the size of a pea on a football field, to being the first website that half our readers open in the morning, we have come to appreciate what it is that separates plain good, from greatness. It is this greatness in sharing knowledge through content that we transmit to our readers that makes our icon stand out on their bookmarks.

About Us

The news business is a tough line of work, we have never backed away from the challenge of having to update our platforms at the tiniest hours of the day while staying engaged with what users say about each article. Engagement is one core element of staying in operation that we feel strongly about. To that end, our social media presence across the most active platforms that our readers are comfortable with, feed us with valuable insight into what best improves their reading experience.

Unique, clean and media rich; these are the traits that even copycat websites can’t, and have failed to scrape from our work. Each new article is guaranteed to be originated within our creative efforts and yet verified to the smallest details possible. To be humble, we did not set out as the perfect setup we seem to be today, all our growth has been through the same tough process that evolution took us through. Outdated ideas and concepts have always been found on the extinct end of our timeline, and they are always replaced by more innovative solutions to the problems they leave behind.

If you like how we go about developing content that you relate to, how we communicate with readers each time they comment on an article, don’t hesitate to follow our social media accounts and leave a message behind.