Mossberg shotguns

A Guide to Mossberg Shotguns

Mossberg has had a reputation for decades as a company that makes high quality, accurate firearms that are reliable and durable. In fact, Mossberg shotguns are often compared to, and in competition with, the Remington 870, a shotgun with a long history of excellence.

Pump Action

There is a wide variety of pump action shotguns available, though one of the most popular is the Mossberg 500. With 4 models total, including the original, there is a style for everyone, with a tactical, hunting, and Flex version. The Flex allows you to change out the barrel, letting you switch between an 18.5-inch barrel and a 28 inch.

Break Action

The 590 has 5 versions available, depending on what you’re looking for. For those who are smaller, or looking to introduce the next generation to shotguns, Mossberg offers a Youth shotgun that can be passed down through the years. Whatever you choose, these shotguns are ruggedly built, reliable shooters perfect for hunting or home defense.

Mossberg has 2 break action shotguns, the International Silver Reserve Over Under, and the Maverick Over Under. The Silver Reserve is a beautiful work of art manufactured in Turkey and can be found with barrel lengths ranging from 26 to 32 inches.  Handguns ammo for personal defense, range shooting, and pest control. Choose from rimfire pistols or centerfire pistols and revolvers.

The Maverick is a short barreled, no frills shotgun. It has a tang mounted safety with two positions, also allowing you to choose your barrel, and a single trigger. The HS12 models have a receiver that’s capable of using Picatinny-compatible optics


One of Mossberg’s most popular autoloaders is the made in the USA Model 930. This is a gas operated, semi-auto with an 18-inch barrel. With surprisingly little recoil this shotgun is a good one to have on hand.

There are shotguns for whatever sport you have in mind, from hunting, to skeet shooting, to targets. The International SA-20 is a good one for hunting and target shooting.

Common Features

Most Mossberg’s have an aluminum alloy receiver, to reduce weight and prevent rust and corrosion. This does lead to a heavier feel to the barrel, but many find this no problem to work with.

Mossberg shotguns have either extractors or ejectors, so no matter what, you’re not wasting time prying those spent shells out. They also all have twin action bars, an anti-jam elevator, and positive steel to steel lockup for smooth, continuous shooting.

The safeties are ambidextrous, though southpaws will still need to take into account the ejection method and direction of spent shells.

Hunting for a new shotgun doesn’t have to be a trial. In fact, if you check out Mossberg shotguns for sale, we’re willing to bet you’ll have a whole lot of fun trying them out.

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