Nettle Root Extract Capsule

7 Nettle Root Extract Capsule Health Benefits From Using Beta-Sitosterol and Swedish Flower Pollen

Beta-sitosterol and Swedish flower pollen are two naturally-produced chemicals that pack a serious punch. Beta-sitosterol is the active compound found within stinging nettle root and is commonly known as the Herbal Male Ally for its ability to optimize the endocrine system in relation to reproductive health. When combined with Swedish flower pollen, highly regarded for supporting prostate health, overall androgen levels are increased, helping even out hormone imbalances.

 By combining both these incredible elements in nettle root extract capsules, you’ve got a quick and hassle-free way to enhance your health, so you can alleviate all kinds of health symptoms and get back to enjoying life more.

1. Lowers bad cholesterol levels

The beta-sitosterol found within nettle root extract capsules lowers LDL cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol) without negatively impacting the HDL cholesterol levels (the good type of cholesterol). It does this by reducing the cholesterol in the intestines, which is waiting to be eliminated during the waste process. By having healthy cholesterol levels, your chances of developing heart disease are significantly reduced.

 Beta-sitosterol’s ability to lower the risk of heart disease is so well-documented that the FDA permits manufacturers to claim that any of their products containing it can reduce your risk of heart disease. This claim has some serious weight attached when you consider the strict transparency advocated by the FDA.

2. Improves prostate health

Both beta-sitosterol and Swedish flower pollen help men improve their prostate health and ease the pain associated with prostate gland enlargement. Beta-sitosterol does this by improving urinary symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia and Swedish flower pollen helps by also promoting a healthy urine flow, as well as encouraging regular prostate cell function.

3. Boosts the immune system

The incredible ability beta-sitosterol has to strengthen the immune system makes nettle root extract capsules the perfect thing for training athletes to add into their daily routine. Long-distance running, crossfit and bodybuilding are all very harsh on the body, despite the sense of achievement they give.

 Beta-sitosterol has been proven to lower the stress to the body caused by these types of activities by reducing the inflammatory response during intense workouts, shortening the recovery process.

4. Relief for PMS symptoms

Not only does Swedish flower pollen help men alleviate the symptoms of prostate gland enlargement, but it also helps women ease the signs of PMS. Women who took the natural remedy reported less water retention, less cramping, improved sleep and a better overall mood. When taken over several months, temporary weight gain associated with PMS was also reduced by approximately 50%.

5. Helps restore hair loss

When the body’s testosterone to estrogen levels aren’t correctly balanced, the body converts testosterone into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This metabolite binds to the receptor sites on the scalp, stopping nutrients from reaching the hair, causing hair loss in both men and women. Beta-sitosterol in nettle root extract capsules inhibits the body’s ability to create DHT, helping you to naturally grow thick, healthy hair.

6. Eases menopause symptoms

Swedish flower pollen can massively help women going through the menopause, especially when it comes to dealing with hot flashes. During a study in which some menopausal women took daily flower pollen extract and other menopausal women received a placebo, 65% of the women in the active-treatment group reported fewer hot flashes.

7. Normalizes blood sugar

Beta-sitosterol has the fantastic ability to stimulate the body’s release of insulin and inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase in the presence of non-stimulatory glucose concentrations. When its insulin release stimulation is coupled with its anti-oxidative effects, Beta-sitosterol becomes a natural antidiabetic that can help normalize blood sugar levels. This is particularly helpful for those who have experienced adverse side effects taking ordinary diabetes medications.

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