5 Signs You Might Need a Coach in Your Dental Practice

5 Signs You Might Need a Coach in Your Dental Practice

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that running a dental practice today is very difficult. Every aspect of the business is affected by the local markets, but also by the fact that you are a healthcare provider. And independent dentists are operating as both owner and clinician. Additionally, the business education provided by dental school comes far short of giving you all the skills you need to be successful. 

One important step to take toward dental team training success is recruiting outside experts to help identify and solve tough dental business problems. Often, all it takes to achieve the practice of your dreams is working with a dental coach to take a hard look at the way you operate your business and provide guidance in implementing improvements. 

Here are 5 signs you might need a coach in your dental practice.

1.Poor performance in the fundamental

Do the phones ring, but you don’t have a good flow of new patients? Are there gaping holes in your schedule because of broken and canceled appointments? Do your patients routinely reject treatment recommendations?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you need to look hard at how you and your team are managing the fundamentals of a dental business.

Just as all-star athletes train on the basics all the time (for example, Michael Jordan would shoot free throws for an hour after every practice) strength in foundational skills is an extremely important aspect of keeping your business intact, and a dental business coach is invaluable in identifying weaknesses and designing and implementing a program to remedy those weaknesses. 

2.Do you know yourself?

Do you know yourself?

The one factor that determines the degree of success a dentist has with a coach is their approach to growth. A “growth” mindset (or “attitude” if you prefer) is one where an individual views change as natural and unthreatening. A “fixed” mindset fears change and refuse to acknowledge the ability of an individual or group to improve. A “fixed mindset” assumes that character, intelligence, and creative ability are static – unchanging even in the face of opportunity. A “growth mindset,” in contrast, thrives on change and sees failure as an opportunity to grow. 

Alignment with one of these two mindsets determines much of our personality and how we relate to the world. Mindset is also a strong indicator of the chances that an opportunity for growth is taken and results in positive change. 

Working with a coaching client with a fixed mindset dentist usually does not result in positive change. People with fixed mindsets say, “It’s not my fault!” Growth mindsets say, “What can I do to fix this?” No dental coach can help if you are not willing to change in ways that lead to success. And most of the time, that change begins with you.

3.Not understanding the critical pieces in the success puzzle

solving puzzle

Dental practice success lies in a combination of efficiency and skill. Effective phone skills, efficient scheduling, and tactics for managing treatment help you get the most production out of every minute of the workday and every square foot of the practice. 

Team skills help you get the most out of every new patient opportunity. Team skills also help patients to show up to their appointments, improves collections, and promote referrals. 

Top-notch clinical skills will ensure that your patient has an incredible patient experience. And a dental coach can help you fine-tune systems and team skills.

Dental coaching and online dental training programs offer powerful, convenient, and high-value guidance to dentists with the goal of helping them achieve their potential.  

4.Are you wearing blinders when it comes to your dental business?

All business coaches offer a valuable, new outside perspective. Not only can they step into your office and look at the numbers to analyze the challenges you are facing, but they also have the knowledge and education to give you solutions. As a dentist, it can be difficult to keep track of the business portion of your practice, especially when you are devoting your time and energy to serving your patients. 

For example, it is more difficult for dentists to gauge how well their front office staff, such as the receptionist is handling patients when answering the phone. That is why All-Star Dental Academy offers courses on dental phone call training online. Dental receptionist phone skills training is crucial in showing that you care, especially since it leaves a long-term impression of your dental office. It is extremely important to provide callers with an excellent new patient experience. It also bestows a positive mindset on new patients w

hen they come into your office for the first time. 

5.Does your business plan only look at tomorrow? 

Does your business plan only look at tomorrow?

With what you can learn from a dentist coach, you can build a business plan that is grounded in reality and gives you the ability to actually put improvements into action – for both short- and long-term success. 

When you first wanted to become a dentist, you might have not thought about creating a business plan – a detailed roadmap about where you would like to be with your practice in the span of a five- or ten-year projection – and how to get there. Some of you might not have a plan and are running your dental business day by day, adopting new methods and changing based on what works and does not work. 

Winging it may have been ok for a time, but now you may be confronting some challenges, unsatisfied with your results, and feeling frustrated about living to your vision and values for your business. Dental business coaches will assist in refining your branding and marketing opportunities in order to make way for your new successful dental practice that sets you on the path to success. 

All-Star Dental Academy offers great dental coaching programs. Not only do they have the training to seek out problems, All-Star Dental Academy dental coaches understand, through experience, that if you or your team is missing fundamentals inpatient service, but you will also suffer.

Get in touch with an All-Star Dental Academy and let’s talk about the 10 ways online dental coaching can improve your business.