Hardwood Flooring

3 Tips To Purchase Good Quality Discounted Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been popular with the rich and famous. But today, thanks to the availability of discounted hardwood, many other people are also able to fulfil their wish of having hardwood flooring installed in their homes. Thus the purchase of discounted hardwood flooring is a great opportunity available which enables the purchase of quality hardwood at a discounted price.

But it is very easy to get fooled by suppliers of the same and this result in the purchase of wood which is of inferior quality. Hence even before one goes on a discounted hardwood flooring buying spree, it is very important to research the supplier chosen. This will ensure value for money thereby enabling the buyer to buy the best quality of hardwood available for the money the buyer is willing to pay.

Some key factors which should be mandatorily looked into before making the final purchase are:

  • Checking for shorts: This refers to the availability of planks of shorter length in the discounted hardwood flooring category. While the average length of a hardwood plank ranges from 1 ft. to 7 ft. and the average width is of 3ft, the installation of discounted hardwood planks of shorter lengths:
    • Gives the floor a “chopped” look because of the presence of the many breaks,
    • Makes for an eclectic mix of dark and light tomes of hardwood which can look quite wild and
    • Introduces innumerable changes in the tones of the wood affects the whole appearance in a very negative manner and are best avoided.

Thus the buyer should be extremely cautious and ensure that the supplier gives a healthy mix of large and short hardwood planks at discounted rates.

  • Bad milling: Missing bevels, low spots etc., are signs of bad milling which makes the hardwood floor unsalable and these are then offered at a discounted rate. But missing bevels result in the creation of unsightly raised edges which rather mars the beauty of hardwood. On the other hand, the presence of low-spots is another deficiency which results from bad milling making for improper flattening of the board which, in turn, adversely affects the hardwood floor appearance.
  • Availability: Offering discounts is the best way to lure customers since everyone loves a good discount and offering one on hardwood is a good bait for customers. However, when it comes to availability, delivery at location and installation of the same, most suppliers ask for extra money for the same. Hence all these need to be discussed beforehand and the discounted hardwood flooring option finalised only after that.

There are always certain terms and conditions which are attached to discounted pricing. This fine print can affect the customer adversely, if not looked into before making a deal. Hence the supplier should be one who can be trusted.

Calgary is famous for its beautifully vintage decor shop decorated homes with floors done up using hardwood. Hence there is a huge demand for the same in this area. Hence people living here become easy targets for fraudulent suppliers and should thus be very careful of the past of the supplier.

There are many reasons which can result in hardwood flooring planks being given at a discounted rate like:

  • The hardwood planks being sold at a discount are of an inferior quality,
  • The reduced utility of the available discounted hardwood at a discount,
  • The hardwood planks being sold are ones that have been rejected by buyers etc.

While discounted hardwood has its own advantages and disadvantages, the trick is to get the best of what is on offer without being conned. This is possible only when the above points are kept in mind and the final selection of the discounted hardwood flooring done only after these points have been checked and rechecked to leave no room for any omission or misinterpretation.

The idea of getting a good deal on hardwood and being able to fulfil the dream of having a Calgary home richly decorated with the elegance and charm of hardwood makes for a lethal combination; one which will garner appreciation from many people.

Author Bio: The author is a master of all trades related to residential and commercial flooring. Hence writing articles about “Carpet flooring”, hardwood flooring, discounted hardwood etc., come naturally to him. His articles also reflect the immense experience he has gathered over time.