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10 Ideas and Inspiration for Web Design & Development

Let’s look at web development services as one big golf club and web design services as the golf ball as we start. And to make it work, think about your goals and preferences. 

  • How do you want customers to interact with your website? 
  • What impression do you want to make on them?
  • What results do you want to achieve after their visit?

Those preferences can be shown through innovative designs that will be a hole in one every time you hit the golf club of web dev. Here are 10 great ideas to inspire your creative side and bring out your own ideas’ potential:

Idea #1 Interactive Scrolling

Interactive Scrolling

Engage the customer and inspire them through a call to action right on the same page through interactive scrolling. 

For example, a craft brewery company would have a landing page that shows its brand and its mission upon arrival. Then as the visitor scrolls, they get to see the available flavors where the monotony is broken by pops of color and changes in the font. Scrolling further, they’re invited to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. 

Idea #2 Physical Products in Digital Rendition

Physical Products in Digital Rendition

Ask your web development services provider if they can create a digital rendition of your physical product and include that on the landing page. This can be in the form of elements that represent a part of the whole. 

Examples are vector fruits and greens that are ingredients of a cold-pressed juice being sold or plane tickets for a company offering travel services. This is a fun way to connect with your audience and let them know that you’re making changes to suit the times.

Idea #3 Color That’s Elegant & Easy On The Eyes

Web design services

You can consider cool neutrals and soft palettes for a relaxing user experience and an elegant appeal. Other options you can look into are bright pops of color that nicely contrast with neutrals. Web design services use them as accents that will draw the user’s attention to the information clients want to highlight. 

Idea #4 Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design lets your customers focus on the product or service offered. What’s minimized here are the colors, font types, and shapes so your product or service can standout. 

But don’t worry, those design elements are still played out strong. So there’s no washing out. Just beautiful and functional websites that focus on the essential. This is also why the minimalist look has been a favorite strategy in web development services.

Idea #5 Bold Typography

Brand Design

Have you ever wondered how brands sold themselves back in the day? Before they sold their millions through e-commerce, they sold through typography. Fonts that defined the brand’s message and established them as the iconic brands they are today. 

It’s the same thing for your web design. Choose strong fonts that draw in the reader and offsett it with fresh background colors and photos for a memorable first impression. Skilled web design services will help you mix and match the best font types.

Idea #6 The Parallax Effect

web design service

This is a bit out of the box but when rendered by competent web design services, it’s nothing short of impressive. 

Parallax animation is creating a 3D effect with the foreground and background as the user scrolls your website. It adds to the interactivity of your website, making visitors want to come back because of the great experience during the first time.

Idea #7 Geometric Design

Geometric Design

Geometric design is a great way to bring your website alive through 3D renditions of the classic shapes and lines.  Accentuate it with bold fonts and vibrant colors for a straightforward and bright design. This look will benefit companies who are into tech, furniture, and even digital marketing. 

Idea #8 Tap Into Web Development Services That Shape The Customer Experience

Web Development Services

Great web dev starts and ends with the customer experience. Tap into ones whose aim is to take your message from the screen to the customers’ consciousness through great web design services. Ask them for a web design with a clean interface that will turn visitors to customers and brand advocates.

Idea #9 Choose Web Development Services That Meets Audiences Where They Are

Web Development Services

These are web development services who use web designs that responds to the visitors’ needs by adjusting the website interactivity on mobile and on desktop. 

That way you meet customers on both ends of the spectrum and connect with them wherever they are. Sales and leads are more easily generated when your website is easy to view and navigate.

Idea #10 Collaborate With Web Development Services Driven By A Great Strategy

Web Development Services

Web development without a strategy is like a boat without a rudder. It’s functional and the design is beautiful but it won’t get you the results you need without a strategy to steer it. 

Achieve this by partnering with a top website design company like Milia Marketing who’s serious about creating strategies that reflect your major objectives. They’ve also experts who know how to see that through by creating a web design that hits the bullseye every time. 

It’s easy to connect with them. Just schedule a 30-minute discovery call through their website and you’ll be on your way to a great start.